Love 5 Pretty Cure

Love 5 Pretty Cure is CureHotaru's fanseries. It's main theme is nature.


Green Kingdom was one of most beautiful worlds and also one of the most peaceful. Everyone in the kingdom was happy and Queen Green was one of the best queens ever. Green Kingdom is the place that protects nature in all worlds. But it was attacked by Dead Kingdom. Queen Green used her last powers to protect Green Kingdom and disappeared. No one knows where she is. Before she died she sent five fairies to find legendary warriors, Pretty Cure.


Pretty Cure

Kato Aria - Aria is a 14 years old girl. She isn't very good at sports. She is shy and great at writing. Her dream is to become a writer but she isn't sure if she can do it.

Nakamura Aki - Aki is a energetic 14 years old girl. She is great at sports and plays in the volleyball team. 

Yukimura Asuka - Asuka is a 13 years old girl. She comes from a rich family. Her father and mother aren't at home a lot because they are often traveling because of their work. She is very energetic and great at both sports and studying. A lot of people don't like her to much because she often doesn't think about what she is saying. 

More coming soon

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