Lost Pretty cure is Gggdw's first pretty cure fan series. The series is aiming to have in between 40 and 45 episodes. It bases around a slightly darker concept and is aimed it 12 to 18 year old's.

NOTE: All the character name's are written in the japanese style, with surname before given name.


Chiyo Amaya is a girl who lives seperately from other people. She is phisically weak and collapses constantly and has no friends. Most people are scared of her, due tro the rumours about her having powers. However a french girl who is a new student at there school, Abadie Melanie, approches her and the two girls become friends. 

A couple of weeks later, Melanie is killed by a Sajabyta, an evil creature created by Dark Fountain. In her despear, Amaya runs away. She is eventually found by a group of fairies. Amaya decides to become a pretty cure to be able to protect people like Melanie. She is later joined by 2 girls: Melanie's cousin, Maele, and one of her classmates.


Pretty cure

Chiyo Amaya/ Cure Absent: Amaya is a silent girl who sufferes from a terrible heart deciese. During her battles as pretty cure is a determined and sometimes uses control of her amazing amount of power.

Intro: Hope which has not yet been found, Cure Absent!

Weapon: Absent Arrow

Attack phraase: Come find me, Absent arrow!

Maele final

Abadie Maele

Abadie Maele/ Cure Enter: 
Maele is a very intelligent girl who has a tendency to try to help everyone. She normally plays the defence role in the fights. She is also very good at sports.

Intro: Coming in to find you, Cure Enter!

Weapon: Entering Key

Attack phrase: unlock the enemies heart, Entering key!

Hino Aoi/ Cure Labyrinth: Aoi is an absolute fashionista, with a passion for gossiping. Her catchphrase is: that attack is so last season!

Intro: Get lost inside me, Cure Labyrinth!

Weapon: Labyrinth Loop

Attack phrase: find the way out, Labyrinth Loop!


Cure Finders


Dark Fountain


Abadie Melanie: Amaya's only friend who was killed by Sajabyta.


  • Courage Compass the items the girls use to transform


  • Suzukawa Middle school: the girls school
  • Rejoined kingdom


  • Lost Pretty Cure is the first series ever to be aimed at over 12 year olds.
  • Amaya is the fist tragic main cure
  • Maele is the first forigein pretty cure.