Little Lily Pretty Cure
Ritorurirī Purikyua
General Information
Opening SongPurple Moon Pretty Cure
Ending SongYou & Me
Series Info
PredecessorMoonlight Flower Pretty Cure
SuccessorSweet Warrior Pretty Cure

Little Lily Pretty Cure is a short season, which shows Mizuki's past as Cure Crescent. It's story happens years before Moonlight Flower Pretty Cure. It's theme is the moon.


Little Lily Pretty Cure Episodes
Mizuki, a young girl from Moonlight Academy, is the chosen warrior Cure Crescent, who protects the world against Dark Moon, the ruler of Shadow Moon. Dark Moon descirbes Mizuki as "the light of the moon" and herself as "the darkness of the moon". She sent her underlings to earth to bring darkness to everybody. Her true plan, however is to take Mizuki the power of the moon, to make her the owner of the moon's true power.



Shikohana Mizuki (紫光華美月 Shikōhana Mizuki)
A young girl, who transformed into Pretty Cure. She is a 13 year old young girl from Moonlight Academy. She has a younger sister. Mizuki is the light side of moon and actually a princess, just like Dark Moon. Her alter ego is Cure Crescent (キュアクレセント Kyua Kuresento). Her powers are related to the moon.


Tsuki (ツキ Tsuki)
Tsuki is the first and only mascot from this season. She gave her powers to Mizuki so she was able to transform into Cure Crescent. She always ends her sentences with "~tsuki".


Dark Moon (ダークムーン Dāku Mūn)
Dark Moon is the leader of the villains. She calls herself the dark side of the moon and makes Cure Crescent as her main villain.

Black (ブラック Burakku)
One of Dark Moon's underlings.

Midnight (ミッドナイト Middonaito)
One of Dark Moon's underlings.

Shadow (シャドー Shadō)
One of Dark Moon's underlings.

Dakunesume (ダークネスメ Dākunesume)
The monsters crated by the Dark Moon and her underlings.


Shikohana Natsuki (紫光華菜月 Shikohana Natsuki)
Natsuki is Mizuki's younger sister.

Kashoku Hina (華燭陽菜 Kashoku Hina)
One of Natsuki's friends.

Kazaru Selene (飾るセレーネ Kazaru Serēne)
One of Natsuki's friends.

Amaihikari Kanon (甘い光花音 Amaihikari Kanon)
One of Natsuki's friends.




  • This is the first season which tells the past of another season.
  • It is the first time in the FairySina Series history, that a season has just one Cure who transforms and fights against evil.