Listen! Pretty Cure Full Hearts is the official sequel to Listen! Pretty Cure. All 6 Cures will return with the addition of one more. The theme is still feelings.




Amai Yorokobi/Cure Love - Yorokobi is a 14 year old in 2nd year middle school. She loves people and hates enemies that will try to hurt her, referring to her Cure name, Cure Love.

  • My heart sends out to you! Cure Love!

Kirei Kanjō/Cure Happiness - Kanjō is a 14 year old in the same classes as Yorokobi. She is "happy go lucky" in any human problem, referring to her Cure name, Cure Happiness.

  • I'm always happy go lucky! Cure Happiness!

Narihibiku Ongaku/Cure Joy - Ongaku is a 15 year old one year ahead the other two. She loves being joyful and always cares about herself last, referring to her Cure name, Cure Joy.

  • I'll worry about you first! Cure Joy!

Shinjiru Kata/Cure Dream - Kata is a 12 year old in her last year in elementary school. She likes to dream about good things, referring to her Cure name, Cure Dream.

  • I imagine a miracle! Cure Dream!


Shinrai Jōnetsu/Gracious Feelings - Jōnetsu is a 14 year old, but in a different class than Yorokobi and Kanjō. She is mysterious at first, but she becomes a Cure-like hero, Gracious Feelings.

  • My feelings will reach out to you! Gracious Feelings!

Kuro Yume/Dark Dream - Yume is a 13 year old in 1st year middle school. Several years ago, as Dark Dream, she had become friends with a different Cure Dream, and later risked her life to save her. After being reborn, Yume receives the ability to transform back into Dark Dream and becomes an ally.

  • Hoping for a gentle future! Dark Dream!

New Cure

Yūgana Mirāju/Cure Trust - As a transfer student in Yorokobi's class, Mirāju is a 14 year old who acts as if she has no friends and can't trust anyone. She later becomes friends with Yorokobi and begins to trust people, referring to her Cure name, Cure Trust. (NOTE: She is officially "Yūgana Mirage/Cure Trust", but I'll go by the romaji name. She is also VERY similar to a dark Cure, Cure Myosotis Mirage, from AliceSword's Heartcatch Pretty Cure new generation.)

  • I can rely on many people! Cure Trust!




Heart Bracelet - The Cures' transformation item. With the exception of Yume, the Cures transform by shouting "Pretty Cure Full Action!" Yume transforms by shouting "Pretty Cure! Listen to My Feelings!"


  • Listen! Pretty Cure Full Hearts has the largest group of team members due to Mirāju's addition, beating Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! which only contained six members due to Kurumi's addition.