This is list of fanmade series Rainbow Power Pretty Cure episodes. 

Episodes list

1. Scarlett's colorful day. I became Pretty Cure.

2. Searching for partners. Scarlett and her old friend.

3. Scarlett and Ayaka. Are we friends or not? 

4. Scarlett's new partner name is Cure Amber. Old friends together again.

5. The birth of yellow Pretty Cure. Shy but dangerous girl.

6. Kuroko and her heart. Lightning and angry girl.

7. 1, 2, 3 let's dance! Everyone together.

8. Ayaka and her rival. I'm going to win.

9. The truth behind a happy smile. Scarlett's past.

10. Transfer student and Cure Leaf.

11. Four parts of rainbow and Sunny's story.

12. I won't forgive you. Nadeshiko's anger.

13. Pretty Cure in the cinema. What's going on?

14. Let's go! Put your powers together.

15. Fifth cure, Cure Sky is here. 

16. Aino Chiharu and Rainy.

17. Our hearts together. Rainbow powers.

18. Pretty Cure vs Dark Rainbow. It's going to be hard battle.

19. Chiharu and Rainy's fight. We were always together.

20. Chiharu is Scarlett and Scarlett is Chiharu? What's going on?

21. New enemy appear! His name is Soul.

22. New enemy again? This time is Weas?

23. Soul and Weas together. Pretty Cure in danger.

24. Two mysterious Pretty Cure appear. 

25. Who are Indigo and Violet? Are they friends?

26. High school students Michiru and Taruko enter. 

27. Nadeshiko vs Michiru. Ice Skate contest.

28. Kuroko is angry. Now you are in big trouble!

29. It's hard to be popoular. Taruko and Michiru.

30. Indigo and Violet's words. Other five are worried.

31. Everyone attack? Pretty Cure in big trouble!

32. No way? Violet and Indigo are...

33. It was always only two of us.

34. We finnaly get together. Taruko and Michiru's story.

35. Finnaly. Seven parts of Rainbow together.

36. Fly to the Color Land.

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