This is a list of the MoodFlower PreCure🌸 episodes.



Title Villiain Air Date
IMG 9951
Watashi wa hontō no purikyuadesu私は本当のプリキュアです?

I am a real Pretty Cure?

Whilst running late for school, the happy-go-lucky Barentain Nao encounters a fairy named Bibble, who falls inside her bag. As Nao runs to School she runs into an Girl. As Nao checks out the girl after that, she discovers that the Girl is her Old Best Friend Rin They have a Flashback of them in the Kindergarten where Nao promised Rin that she will never give up singing. Back in reality the find out they are in the same class while walking Rin asks Nao if she still sings but before she could answer they got attacked by their hypnotized Classmates. Thanks to their Pure Heart Nao & Rin get their PreDreCommunes & with their Mood Seeds they transform into Cure Courage & Cure Hope

Alaric '2017-'08-08
IMG 9952
Chīmu ga umareru!🌸


A Team Is Born!🌸

After Winning their First Battle Bibble the Fairy Mascot explains the Cures her reason why she came to earth & why everything evil is happening.

Alaric '2017-'08-15
IMG 9953
A charity event! Rubbish bin of spoilage🌸(チャリティーイベント!損なうのゴミ箱🌸,Charitīibento! Sokonau no gomibako🌸) 

Now Knowing their mission Nao & Rin decide to be kind & go to a Charity Event,but after the Vampire Alaric comes, the rubbish turns into a monster & the Legendary Pretty Cure have to fix everything again.

Sasonica '2017-'08-22

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