This is the list of fanmade Light Pretty Cure series by MoonlightTruth.

Episode List

1. No way! I became a Pretty Cure?

The faires are searching for Pretty Cure's. At the same time, the girls from Hikari Middle school are visiting the oldest building in the town Moonlight Tower. Ichigo and Sakura wanted to buy some Ice Cream but the student council president wanted to talk with Sakura so Ichigo stayed alone. She saw a strange light and she wanted to know what is this. She saw five faires and ask them who they are. Berry told her that they are faires from Moonlight Kingdom but Lay was angry becouse she teld her that. Suddenly the Darkannina appears and Ichigo ran away with faires. Aus appear and cought Hana, Lily, Lay and Eri. Berry tried to save them but Darkannina attacked her. She was saved by Ichigo. Berry asked her why did she do this. Ichigo telled her that she doesn't need a reason to help others. Aus asked her why is she doing this. The Moonlight Kingdom doesn't have anything to do with her. But Ichigo was angry. She said that she can forgive him for attacking smaller people. The strange light appears and Berry gived Heart Holder to Ichigo and asked her to transform to Pretty Cure. She said Pretty Cure Lovely Truth and transform in Cure Amore. 

2. The story begins! Searching for other Pretty Cures.

Episode begins with Cure Amore's transformation and introduction. After she Defeat Darkannina Aus left. Ichigo transform back to her normal form and Berry and other fairies telled her about Moonlight Kingdom and that she must find other four Pretty Cures. Berry hided in Ichigo's bag other four fairies went searchig for Pretty Cures. Sakura found Ichigo and telled her that she was worried about her. Ichigo telled her that everything is ok. Next day Ichigo was eating Strawberry cake when she hear voice "Strawberry cake-puru!" She knew it was Berry and here parents were sumprised. She ran in her room an telled Berry that she can't talk when other people ar there, but Berry said that she want to eat Strawberry cake too. Ichigo gived her half of her strawberry cake. At the same time Aus telled others that Pretty Cure appeared. They were laughing at him becouse he lost so he went back to earth. Ichigo and Berry were walking in park when they saw Darkannina. Ichigo transformed in cure Amore and defeat Darkannina. Other four faries come back soon and telled Ichigo that they still didn't found new Pretty Cure. When she came back home Sakura was here and telled Ichigo that she forget to come to her tea party. Ichigo tried to explain but Sakura wasn't listening. She ran back home and Ichigo was sad. She wanted to telled her about Pretty Cure but she knew she wouldn't believe her.

3. The Diamond holder and new Pretty Cure.

Berry asked Ichigo why is her friend ahngry only because tea party. Ichigo telled her about Sakura's tea parties. Every  month she throw her tea party and Ichigo always came. But this time she forgot. Next day in the school Sakura didn't want to listen to Ichigo. At the same time Hana was watching Sakura and she was sure that she is the second Pretty Cure. When Ichigo tried to find Sakura again Darkannina attack and Sakura saw her when she was transforming in Cure Amore. Hana gives Sakura Diamond Holder and she transformed in Pretty Cure. Two cures defeated Darkaninna together and now they are searching for their partners together. 

4. The Mysterius Girl's secrets.

Ichigo was walking home from school when she met mysterius elementary school girl, Hotaru. They started to talk and than Ichigo made her to go in Library with her. Sakura joined them there and they had very good time. Than Hotaru said that she have to go home and Sakura remebered Ichigo that they must go home too but Ichigo found Hotaru's bracelet and they went to search for her. At the same time Hotaru find out that she forgot her bracelet. She went back to library but Darkaninna attacked in the park and it attacked Hotaru too. Ichigo and Sakura transformed and defeated Darkaninna. After this Ichigo found Hotaru and gived her bracelet back. Hotaru telled them that this is her mothers bracelet andit's very important. She said thank you to Ichigo and Sakura and ran home because she was late. Sakura and Ichigo smiled at each other and went home too.

5. Now there are three Pretty Cure's.

Berry Maya, Ichigo and Sakura's classmate was late to school again. Latter after school Sakura and Ichigo saw her in the market. They started to talk and went to Maya's house. There Ichigo and Sakura found out that Maya have four siblings. She telled them that she have to help out a lot because she is the oldest sister. Later when Sakura and Ichigo were going home They suddenly notice Lily is missing. They went back to Maya's house to find her and there was Darkaninna. They transformed and fought it but it was diffrend that usually and they couldn't defeated her. Darkaninna went to Berry family than Maya suddenly appear there and she was holding Lily. She was angry because Darkaninna tried to killedher friends and family. Lily gived Maya Circle Holder and she transformed in Cure Plate. Together with Cure Plate they defeated Darkaninna and now there are only two more Pretty Cures to find.

6. Protect Maya's birthday party. 

Maya's birthday is coming soon and she is going to throw a party. The day is coming soon and Maya starts to worry if it's going to be ok. On the day one hour before the party when she was coming home from the store because she found out that she forgot tobuy something Darkaninna attacked. Maya transformed and fight her but the party is starting soon. Ichigo and Sakura came sooner because they wanted to help Maya. Maya's mother telleed them that she isn't back from shoping yet. They were worried so they went searching for her. They found her fighting darkaninna. They transformed too and together they defeated Darkaninna. They came back at the right time and the party was great. 

7. Lonely Student Council President.

Ichigo, Sakura and Maya were walking to school when they saw Studen Council President Tomoyo. She telled Sakura that there is a lot Sutdent Council work so she had to stay with her after school. Ichigo and Maya went to buy some Ayka's ice cream. It was very late when Tomoyo and Sakura left school. Next day Ichigo, Sakura and Maya saw Tomoyo again but she looked very sad. She was looking at her ring. Aus appear and turned her ring in Darkaninna. Ichigo and other saw this and transform. They defeated Darkaninna. Tomoyo was watching them. Latter she send Ichigo, Sakura and Maya message: "Came in the School Library tomorrow after school." They were worried that she maybe saw them transforming.

8. No I can't be Pretty Cure.

After school girls met Tomoyo in school library. They were worried that she saw them transforming in Pretty Cure. Tomoyo wanted to talk with them about Pretty Cure. She telled them that they appear yesterday and fought the monster. Sakura asked why is she asking them about them. Tomoyo telled them that she have a feeling that they know something about them. Ichigo telled her that they know that pretty cure are girls fighting those monsters. Tomoyo tried to found more information but the girls telled her that they don't know anything. When they went home they were talking about Tomoyo searching for pretty cure information and they didn't notice that Lay isn't with them anymore. Lay wanted to knew more about Tomoyo so she stayed in school. Latter they went in park but Ell appear and turned a tree in Darkaninna. Lay felt danger and fly away but Tomoyo saw her and ran after her. The tree almost defeated girls. Tomoyo wanted to saved them, because they saved her ring yesterday. Suddenly Lay gived Tomoyo Lucky Clover Holder and she transformed in Cure Lucky. She defeated Darkaninna. The girls wanted to welcome her in team but Tomoyo said that she can't be Pretty Cure. When she said that she turned back in her normal form and Lucky Clover holder went back to Lay. Tomoyo left. 

9. Lay and Tomoyo. Cure Lucky joins the team.

Episode begins with flashback about Tomoyo saying that she can became Pretty Cure. Lay was very sad because Tomoyo didn't want to join the team. The girl saw Tomoyo in school but she ran away when she saw them. They didn't know what should they do. Lay told them that Tomoyo must be her partner. They were thinking why don't she join them. Sakura said that maybe it's because she looks like she want real friends sometimes but she doesn't know why. She told them that she noticed it when they were doing student council work. Ichigo said that they should try asking her again, but Sakura didn't think this is a good idea. Suddenly Maya asked Sakura if can she help her with her homework. Lay was too sad because of Sakura, that she didn't say to Maya that she should be more serious about her mission. Lay flew away and went to Tomoyo's house. Others were just about to go after her but Darkaninna appeared and they had to fight here. At the same time Lay was talkin to Tomoyo and she telled her that she doesn't know how to make friends and that she is worried that she can became Pretty Cure. Thanks to Lay she changed her mind and ran to the park. She transformed in Cure Lucky again and four cures defeated Darkaninna together. Tomoyo telled them that she changed her mind and that she is going to join them.

10. O no! Hotaru knows about Pretty Cure!

The girl were walking to school when they saw Hotaru. Ichigo ran to her to greet her and they started to talk. Sakura telled Maya and Tomoyo abut Hotaru. When they were talking Ichigo forgets about the school and Hotaru remebered her. Ichigo saw that others left her behind so she ran to school. After school she saw Hotaru again and took her to the library. Sakura and others went to Tomoyo's house. Hotaru and Ichigo were searching for books in the library but   Aus appear and turn book in Darkaninna. Everyone ran away and Ichigo transformed and fought Darkaninna, but Hotaru saw her. Latter the other three joined her and they defeated Darkaninna together. They transformed back and Hotaru went to them and said: "Can you tell me what is Pretty Cure?"

11. Why can't I find my partner?

The begining shows how Pretty Cure defeated previus episode Darkainna and how Hotaru asked them at the end: "Can you tell me what is Pretty Cure?" Everyone was sumprised and they didn't know what should they do. They telled Hotaru to wait for a moment and they started to think what should they do. When they came back Hotaru wasn't there anymore. They hoped that Hotaru forgot about Pretty Cure. The next day Ichigo ran in Tai and they started to fight. Sakura, Maya and Tomoyo saw this and Sakura telled other two that when Ichigo and Tai are fighting the best thing you can do is to leave the place as soon as you can. They went to school and Hotaru was watching them. When Ichigo and Tai were fighting Eri ran away because she wanted to find her partner. She was sad because she was the only one that didn't find one yet. Everyone went to school and didn't notice anything. After school Ichigo finnaly notice and everyone went to search for her. At the same time Eri was in park still searching for her partner when Bell appeared and attacked Eri. The girl still didn't find her but Hotaru was just walking in the par when she heard strange voices. She ran there and saw Bell and Eri. She wanted to help Eri but she didn't know what should she do. When Eri feel Hotaru have enough and ran to her pick her up and hide behind the tree. She tried to wake her up. Bell started searching for them but Pretty Cure appear here after this. Bell turned stone in Darkaninna. When they finnaly defeated it Eri woke up. Hotaru asked her if she is ok. Eri was just watching her because she was feeling strange. She was thinking that she maybe finaly found partner. Hotaru gived Eri back to Ichigo and Eri said: Thank you." Hotaru just smiled and went home. 

12. The birth of Cure Shining.

Eri couldn't stop thinking about Hotaru. She was sure, that Hotaru is fifth cure. Ichigo and others noticed that she is acting strange. Latter she tried to search for Hotaru. When the girls found out that she is missing they went search for her. When they were searching Darkaninna appeared and everyone transformed. Eri found Hotaru house and was talking with her. She tried to ask her to become Pretty Cure, but when she wanted she noticed that everyone is in danger. She ran to help them and Hotaru went with her. Darkaninna almost defeated everyone, but suddenly, when Hotaru started to think that she have to save them, Eri gived her Star Holder. Hotaru transformed in Cure Shining and defeated Darkaninna. Five girls were finnaly together. 

13. Finally the five Cures together.

14. Lily's and Lay's fight. Do you understand your mission?

15. The strawberry cake story. Cure Amore's new powers.

16. The Powers of Lovely Watch. 

17. Eri is sick. Cure Shining's new powers.

18. Lily's love story. Cure Plate's new powers.

19. Sakura and Tomyo. We can do it!

20. Lay run away. Cure Lucky's new powers.

21. Everyone's hearts as one. We can do it if we are together.

22. The trees are talking?!? I can't belive this!

23. Why am I the only one? Sakura's worries.

24. Yes we are partners! Cure Triangle's new powers.

25. We are going to have a fun... But... Everyone be careful!

26. We are going to save you! You are our partners!

27. Everything is back to normal... Really? 

28. Sunny Summer day. Swimming, volleyball, badminton and.... Darkannina??? 

29. Maya, Lily and Lay. Why are you Pretty Cure? 

30. The White Man appear. And who is this again?

31. Who is the White Man? Ichigo's first love.

32. The Birth of Cure Keys.

33. I can do it alone! Cure Lucky's Cure Key.

34. New friends? Am I ready? Cure Shining's Cure Key.

35. Studying is hard. Cure Plate's Cure Key.

36. Sports are boring. Cure Triangle's Cure Key.

37. The White Man's words. Is he a friend?

38. Do I really hate him? Cure Amore's Cure Key.

39. Five Keys as one. The birth of Crystal Box.

40. Ichigo and Tai. Is it truth?

41. No way! The White Man is... 

42. Cure Amore and White Man. Are we friends or not?

43. The White Man's story. Ichigo and Tai in trouble. 

44. Our Feelings together. I trust you.

45. Give it back! Searching for Crystal Box.

46.  Darkannina more powerful than ever. Pretty Cure in big trouble.

47. Ichigo disappear. I have to find her - nyapuru. 

48. The final battle begins. 

49. Darkanir is back. Is this the end of everything?

50. The birth of Cure Light Feeling. 

51. Cure Light Feeling is defeated? Everyone hearts aren't like one anymore!

52. The truth about Hotaru's mother. Cue Light Feeling is back!

53. Belive in our future. Moonlight Kingdom is back.

54. Everyone's feelings of trusting heart! Forever Light Pretty Cure!

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