The list of FriendShip! Pretty Cure!!!

Episode List!

  1. The Friend that never leave a friend behind! Cure love!
  2. The first fail of our Pretty Cure, Cure Courage!
  3. Musical FriendShip! Cure Care is born!
  4. Our emotionless cure, Cure Snowy!
  5. Our emotional reunion! FriendShip Pretty cure!
  6. The first battle, Bad vs Good!
  7. Harumi's in trouble! We must help her!
  8. The truth behind the
  9. Sing for the magic! The first concert!!
  10. Her past, we must know!!!
  11. Our saviour is...her?!!?!?!
  12. Finally! Cure Kind!
  13. Her history! Wait What?!??!?!
  14. Harumi is in big challenge! Go, go Harumi!
  15. Minami's what?!?!?!?! Bye bye, Minami!
  16. Akari! Good Luck! We support you from our heart!
  17. The big test! Don't fail Yukino!
  18. Hidoi's big appearance! Please be safe Ryouko!!

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