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List of episodes from my fanmade Pretty Cure series, Angel PreCure~!

Episode List

Number. Name Villian(s)



01. The White Wings of the Rainbow Colored Future?! Cure Rainbow is Born! Demonica - No Sins


Kyoko is shown putting her school uniform on and getting ready for school. The regular introduction comes in, and the girl smiles in the mirror. She says that it's time for school, and rushes off without eating breakfast. The opening comes up. The picture comes back in with Kyoko at the bus stop with a bunch of other people, when she hears a familiar voice call her name. The twins have come to the stop, and Choko is calling Kyoko's name, Yumi running close behind her. They greet each other, then the ground shakes, but only Kyoko seems to have noticed it. A few minutes later, the ground shakes again, but this time, everyone notices it. The road cracks in the middle, and a small child floats out. In the background, five small lights are seen to be coming out of the hole as well. When the child touches the road from her floating to stand, she opens her eyes and it is seen that one eye is red and glowing, while the other is pure black, no white or color, just black. Footsteps are heard a teenager jumps in front of the girls, saying that he will protect them as Kyoko looks up in awe. Suddenly, her Choko and Yumi scream and glow with a black light, starting to float. The same soon happens to Kyoko, who starts to feel sleepy. The light disappears from her eyes, and she looks around, thinking stuff like: "Where am I?" and "Who am I? What is my purpose?" Suddenly, Kyoko hears a voice that is saying that she shouldn't give up, and "You have a duty to your loved ones." She repeats those words, then gasps, the light coming back to her eyes and shouting that she does have a duty to her loved ones. Opal appears in front of her and smiles, then turns into the opal gemstone that starts the transformation. The black light is replaced with a baby blue light, and she throws the gemstone into the air, shouting "Precure! Angel Wings: Fly!" She transforms and shouts out "The mult-colored light of the world, Cure Rainbow!" The episode ends here.

02. Time For a Black and White Serenade?! The Second Cure is Found! Demonica - Envy and Pride