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A legendary of pretty cure
Season {{{season}}}, Episode 01
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a legendary of pretty cure is episode 1 of Light pretty cure!, the debut episode.


Shibuki Hikari is a first-year middle school student who is an famous idol in her town. Later in the night when she sleep she always have a same dream: a girl fighting with many monsters. Who is that girl?


The story begin in the middle night at hikari room, she fall sleep , she have a same dream every night, she was awakend because she shocked and don't want to have same dream every night. The next day , she go to school with her bestfriend Mizuki Aoi and then in their class they meet Hikari rival Fukuhara An who also a famous idol, like her. After school she and her bestfriend go to Show, for Hikari singing at that event. In the evening, they meet a monster named Kuroh attack Hikari. and a mysterious girl named Cure Happy save them from that monster. Before to say thank , that girl is disappear so quickly.

Character Appearances


  • This is first episode of light precure!
  • the first episode that not a main character transfrom as cure

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