light Precure! (光プリキュア!Hikari Purikyua!) is Cure48's 7th series


Light Precure! Episodes
The story begin when Town Of Light become dark , and Rock a mascot from Town Of Light search pretty cure in Happy Town to save Towm Of Light.


Pretty Cure

Shibuki Hikari
Voice Actor: Mizuki Nana
Hikari is the leader of Light Precure. Hikari is a famous idol, she always dream about a girl fighting with many monster. Later, she become Cure Sparkle in episode 2. Her alter ego is Cure sparkle. She Introduction: "The Everyone Light, Paceful Future! Cure Sparkle!"(みんなの光平和の未来!キュアスパークル! / Min'na no Hikari, Heiwa no Mirai! Kyua Supākuru!).

Mizuki Aoi
Voice Actor: kanae ito
Aoi is the sporty girl of the team. She is very sporty and is best friends with Hikari. Her alter ego is Cure Grace (キュアグレース/Kyua guresu). She becomes Cure Grace at episode 3, and she Introduction: "The Beautiful Swan on the Lake! Cure Grace!"(湖に美しいの白鳥!キュアグレース! / Mizūmi ni utsukushī no hakuchō! Kyua Gurēsu!)

Fukuhara An
Voice Actor: Kugimiya Rie
An is the senior girl of the team. She is also an idol, but she in Hikari rival agency. She become cure happy before the story begin. Her name is same as character of pretty rhythm rainbow live but different face, her ego is cure happy same as Miyuki, but different introduction and dress. Her intoduction is " everyone smile, cure happy! ".

Watanabe Naru
Voice Actor: kana Asumi
She is a new student at Hikari, Aoi, and An class. She is shy and crybaby, she become Cure Sapphire in episode 4 and her introduction is "The green stone, cure sapphire! "

Town Of Light

Rock is a main mascot in this fan series, she has a friend named sweet.

She is a friend of rock, she help rock for find pretty cure and appear at episode 10.

Lucky Queen
The queen of , town of light


Kurohime - Kurohime is the first enemy to attack the Cures. She is very mature girl, she also yuri.

Yume - Kurohime's sister, she strong and she never forget people who hurt her, she is tomboy and look like a boy.

Mask- The last enemy , Mask is a only boy enemy. He love Cure Dark.

Cure Dark- she is a second powerful enemy after shadow queen, she is very dangerous.

Shadow Queen - The Queen of General.


Memory Catch - The transformation device.

Rare Stone - A rare stone that general looking for.

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