Let's Smile! Smile! Girls New Generation! is Let's Smile Pretty Cure first opening song at the moment. It started airing from episode 1 on 9 February 2014.

The opening goes for 1:25.


TV Version English

Let's Smile! Smile! Girls New Generation~
When you're walking along the footpath
you never know what could be there

When you smile, it could be something funny
or something magical.... that makes you smile

The five lights that help the future shine in fairytales....
You might never know~ what could happen....
Happiness! Sun! Peaceful! Courage! Beautiful~
(Smile! Smile!)

Let's...Smile Smile Pretty Cure
Everyone Together
Let's Smile Smile Everyone!
If you want too..

Cause Pretty Cure is here to put a smile on your face!
Let's Smile! Smile! Girls New Generation~ (YAY!)

TV Japanese Version

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