This is a list of Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure episodes. Please remember it is still in the process of being worked on.

episode # Title Attack Air Date
01 Kamuto~urū kudasai yume. Purikyua ga umarete iru!
"Dreams That Do Come True. A Pretty Cure is Born!"
Blossom Wind 2014-02-09

After meeting one of the mascots from a strange dream, Hanasaki Cherry receives the ability to become a Pretty Cure!

02 Tatakai no hādosaido! Dono yō ni watashi wa sore o okonau koto wa dekimasu ka?!
"Hard Side of Battles! How Can I Do It?!"
Blossom Wind 2014-02-16

Cherry is introduced to another mascot, Miracle, and during battle, Cherry's Mirage Baton is stolen!