The Legendary Items (伝説的 アイテム Densetsu-teki Aitemu) are the items that protect Twinkle Kingdom. They are three weapons called Eternal Staff, Shiny Gem and the Fathful Tiara. They all disappeared in Episode 1 and are being slowly found by the Cures and the mascots.

Eternal Staff

Eternal Staff (永遠 の スタッフ Eien no Sutaffu) is the scepter-like weapon that Queen Starbright wields. The Eternal Staff has a place to hold the Shiny Gem. It helps the girls transform into their last form, the Royal form. It is found last in Episode 45 and cannot be used by Queen Starbright anymore. It is used by.....

Shiny Gem

Shiny Gem (シャイニー ジェム Shainī Jemu) is the jewel that is seen on the Eternal Staff. When not on the staff, it sits on a golden pillow under a glass case. It is found first in Episode 21 and helps the Cures track down the Legendary Pieces.

Fathful Tiara

Faithful Tiara (忠実な ティアラ Chūjitsuna Tiara) is the golden crown that sits on Queen Starbright's head. When not on her head, it sits on a silver pillow next to the Shiny Gem. It is found in a cave frozen in ice in Episode 36 and helps the girls transform into the Shiny forms.


  • These are the second legendary items to appear in the Pretty Cure universe. The first were the Three Sacred Treasure from Dokidoki! Pretty Cure.

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