Kyua Misuteri no Koto Oshiete
ღLovely Pretty Cure! ღ episode 13
"Tell Us About Cure Mystery"
Air date -
Episode Guide
Opening Heart♥Multi♥Colored~Dream
Ending Downpour Happy
Directed by BellRose~
Written by BellRose~

This is the twelfth episode of ღLovely Pretty Cure! ღ.


Aika, Kaguya, and Mizuki become curious about Cure Mystery's identity, whilst Kaguya and Lovelyn informs Reine concerning her as well. The villain suspect Mika might be Mystery. Meanwhile, Aika and Mizuki have their own suspects.

As Lovelyn encounters Genius 4 as they search for Rainbow Card, a Card is found and transformed into a Volleyball Kanashimi. As Aika, Kaguya and Mizuki have trouble fighting it, Mystery shows herself once again, with her Fairy partner, Myst, teaching them how to separate their Belltiers, giving them a new technique to defeat the Kanashimi.

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