Raibaru?Shion Kamiya!
ღLovely Pretty Cure! ღ episode 11
"A Rival? Shion Kamiya!"
Air date -
Episode Guide
Opening Heart♥Multi♥Colored~Dream
Ending Downpour Happy
Directed by BellRose~
Written by BellRose~

This is the eleventh episode of ღLovely Pretty Cure! ღ. This episode focused aroud Takumi, Aika, Shion, and Alice.


arrival a mysteriously new student in Aika's class named Shion Kamiya. Shion also change the position of Takumi "the most famous at school" to be number 2. but that he also "seems attracted to Aika Minami", this of course makes Takumi become more angry. Shion and Takumi was doing the "prism dance battle" aka prism show the winner will get Aika. without Shion knowing he was doing "prism jump". This proves that Shion would later turn out to be a good people.

Song Apperance

Boy Meets Girl (dance battle between Shion and Takumi)

Character Apperance

Aika Minami

Kaguya Hime

Mizuki Yuki

Alice Kamiya / Cure Mystery

Takumi Mihama

Hiro Takeshi


Myst (act like a doll)

Shion Kamiya


  • in this episode kanashimi doesn't appear
  • they do prism show and did a prism jump
  • In this episode is Shion's actual debut

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