Purizumu Okoku No Rekishi!
ღLovely Pretty Cure! ღ episode 05
"The History Of Prism Kingdom!"
Air date -
Episode Guide
Opening Heart♥Multi♥Colored~Dream
Ending Downpour Happy
Directed by BellRose~
Written by BellRose~

This is the Five episode of ღLovely Pretty Cure! ღ. This episode focuses on Mizuki Yuki join Music Club and they sing a song together while fighting kanashimi.


After Mizuki become Cure Moon she join Music Club, that makes Aika and Kaguya happy. after a lot of students who know that Takumi also entered into Music Club, Music Club became very crowded. Aika somehow be a little happy about this. Kaguya Hime also tell a history of Prism Kingdom. they are also plans to create a trio of their new song. Aika and Takumi makes the song together, but all of a sudden they came Shizuka & Eri also sang a new song that makes people turn into stone. Aika, Kaguya, and Mizuki sang their song together.

Song Apperance

Downpour Happy

Character Apperance

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