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NOTE: You may have been looking for LM!PC01.

Mahō no Sukoshidake, to Watashi wa Anata ga Shinjite Ageru!
Lovely M@gic Pretty Cure! episode 1
"Just a Bit of Magic, and I'll Make You Believe!"
Air date March 11, 2017
Episode Guide
Opening Stand Up! Magical, Lyrical Lovely M@gic Pretty Cure!
Ending Magical Secret
Directed by Cure Lucky
Written by Cure Lucky

Just a Bit of Magic, and I'll Make You Believe! (魔法の少しだけ、と私はあなたが信じてあげる! Mahō no Sukoshidake, to Watashi wa Anata ga Shinjite Ageru!?) is the first episode of Lovely M@gic Pretty Cure!. In this episode Madosaki Kokoro meets Marise Emi a new student of Kisekigama Academy and they get attacked by the monster, named Riniroret.


Major events

  • Hearty, Starry, Smarty and Mysty appear for the first time.
  • Kokoro and Emi appear for the first time.
  • Emi transfers in Kisekigama Academy.


  • Queen Magica
  • Lord Darkus
  • Hearty
  • Starry
  • Smarty
  • Mysty
  • Marise Emi
  • Kisekigama Academy's 2-1 class
  • Madosaki Kokoro
  • Wenlock
  • Riniroret


  • This is the first episode to not feature any girl in her Cure form.
  • This is the third first episode to feature a transferred student.

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