Tsukikage Roozu...Uwasa wa hontōdarou ka?
Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure episode 04
月影 ローズ。。。噂は本当だろうか?
"Tsukikage Rose...Could the Rumor Be True?"
Air date March 2, 2014
Episode Guide
Opening Alright! We Are Mirage Pretty Cure!
Ending The Brand New Me
Directed by Cure Believe
Written by Cure Believe

Tsukikage Rose...Could the Rumor Be True? (月影 ローズ。。。噂は本当だろうか? Tsukikage Roozu...Uwasa wa hontōdarou ka??) is the fourth episode of the fan series Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure. In this episode, Cherry meets a high school student and believes she is Cure Moonlight Mirage.


Rain is nearly pouring as the girls are making their way to school. While Daisy rushes to the room, Cherry attempts to follow, but bumps into a high school student. The rain comes to a stop as the two girls get up. The high school student introduces herself as Tsukikage Rose. Cherry thinks there is some connection between Rose and Cure Moonlight Mirage. When Cherry asks if Rose knows what Pretty Cure is, she says she doesn't. Cherry then is frustrated by this, and catches up with Daisy. As the day draws to a close, havoc occurs in downtown Sakura. A man's Mirage Soul is being taken and turned into a Kurokokoro. The girls head that way and transform. Meanwhile, Rose is watching the action take place. The Cures have a tough time, but they finally manage to purify the Kurokokoro. Rose comes down, surprised to see that Pretty Cure exists. The next day, Cherry talks to Daisy about her thoughts from the other day, but Daisy thinks she is wrong. Cherry gets more frustrated and bangs her head on her textbook while Daisy shakes her head at her.


Major Events

  • Tsukikage Rose makes her first appearance.
  • Cherry and Rose meet for the first time.
  • Cherry tries to tell Daisy about what she believes.