Tatakai no hādosaido! Dono yō ni watashi wa sore o okonau koto wa dekimasu ka?!
Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure episode 02
"Hard Side of Battles! How Can I Do It?!"
Air date February 16, 2014
Episode Guide
Opening Alright! We Are Mirage Pretty Cure!
Ending The Brand New Me
Directed by Cure Believe
Written by Cure Believe

Hard Side of Battles! How Can I Do It?! (戦いのハードサイド!どのように私はそれを行うことはできますか?! Tatakai no hādosaido! Dono yō ni watashi wa sore o okonau koto wa dekimasu ka?!?) is the second episode of the fan series Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure. In this episode, Cherry meets another mascot named Miracle and has her Mirage Baton stolen.


Cherry is still surprised about the events that occurred the other day and wishes Daisy would believe her. Her mom tells her that havoc had been going around the other day and a mysterious heroine saved the town from destruction. Meanwhile, Hana is in Cherry's room, waiting for her. Cherry comes in and says she's becoming popular all ready. Hana then introduces another mascot, Miracle. Miracle would be the mascot for whoever is chosen as Cure Marine Mirage. Enjoyed about having a partner soon, Cherry decides to ask some people. Unfortunately, Taika comes to take a student's Mirage Soul out and turn it into a Kurokokoro summoned from a tree. Cherry transforms into Cure Blossom Mirage. The Kurokokoro starts attacking and targets at Cure Blossom Mirage. She tries to perform Blossom Wind, but her Mirage Baton is taken out of grasp by the Kurokokoro. Hana and Miracle start their way to get the baton and return it to its rightful owner. When successful, Cure Blossom Mirage then performs Blossom Wind, and the Kurokokoro is defeated. The news then shows the heroine has returned to defeat another monster. Daisy, watching the news, thinks the heroine is Cherry, not knowing she is correct.


Major Events

  • Miracle makes her first appearance.
  • Cherry's Cure identity becomes popular.
  • The official name of the purification item is revealed (Mirage Baton).
  • Daisy thinks correctly that Cherry is Cure Blossom Mirage.

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