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Remi Kuroyukihime
黒雪姫 レミ
Kuroyukihime Remi
Personal Information
Birthday DateNovember 13th
Hair ColorDark Purple (Remi)

Black (Cure Shadow)

Eye ColorBrown (Remi)

Crimson (Cure Shadow)

RelativesKuroyukihime Ayumi (mother), Kuroyukihime Juro (father), Kuroyukihime Ran (elder sister)
Alter EgoCure Shadow
Theme ColorBlack


Anime Information
SeasonGoTHiC Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceGPC01
Kuroyukihime Remi (黒雪姫 レミ Kuroyukihime Remi?) is the Main Cure in GoTHiC Pretty Cure!. She is a mysterious, rude and quiet girl and the first Cure found by Fillibert. But unlike other Cures, she was cold and distant to him at first, and however, warmed up through the series progress. She is often seen eating apples, her favorite food and after lessons at school she usually plays her electric guitar at Moonlit Dark Tower. As Cure Shadow her theme colors are black and magenta.


Remi is a dark purple haired girl who is small for her height and has brown eyes. She wears her long hair in odango hairstyle with twintails.

Her school uniform consist of a long-sleeved white shirt with frills on its collar, a violet-red tie with a small dark red rose on it, a dark-blue dress with black frills underneath, light grey knee socks and a pair of dark brown shoes.


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