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Kurigami Yumi

Kurigami Yumi
SkyPC-Icon Yumi
栗上 ゆみ
Kurigami Yumi
Personal Information
Age15 (Yumi)
Eye Colorblue (Yumi)
Hair ColorBrown (Yumi)
Theme Colorpurple (Yumi)
Anime Information
SeasonSky Pretty Cure Series

Kurigami Yumi is a supporting character of the Sky Pretty Cure Series who had her first debut in Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~. Yumi is Onyx's human alter ego. She is a good friend of Amethyst and before she disappeared, she even attended the same school as Amethyst.

Basic Information

  • Full Name: Kurigami Yumi
  • Japanese: 栗上 ゆみ
  • Birthday: December 23rd
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Birthplace: Feather Castletown
  • Height: 1,64 m
  • Weight: N/A
  • Blood Type: 0
  • Species: Human
  • Personal Quote: N/A


Yumi has brown hair and blue eyes. She has pretty short hair and due to the length, she usually keeps them opened. She is usually seen wearing the Tsubasa Public Middle School uniform, as she thinks it is comfortable. However, during her freetime, like weekends or vacation, she wears mostly pants and tops that are too large for her. She loves comfortable clothes and doesn't mind if they look terrible.


Kurigami (栗上?) - Kurigami comes from Kuri (?) meaning "chestnut" and Gami (?) meaning "up" or "above". So Kurigami means "on/above the chestnut".

Yumi (ゆみ?) - Yumi is a common Japanese name that has multiple meanings depending on which kanji characters are used. So Yumi could mean "reason, beauty" (由美?), "evening, fruit" (夕実?) or "friend, beauty" (友美?).[1] It could also come from the kanji 弓 (yumi?) meaning "bow".


  • Yumi's birthday falls on December 23rd, which makes her zodiac to be Capricon (♑).
  • As said in RELOADED Episode 22, Yumi is represented by the Pink Rose which means "Trust/Happiness/Confidence" in the language of flowers.
  • Yumi is the only main character of the Sky Pretty Cure Series to have a Japanese name. All other main characters have English given names.



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