Dream Wish Pretty Cure monster of the day.

List of Kowareta

Episode it appeared Summoned by Origins Based on What item Defeated with The words of encouragement the Cures, people or a person gave it of their problem
DWPC04 A new girl named Kurea Enokido who is very lonely and has had no friends since she was very young. She wants to have friends. She believes that her destiny is to be alone and her Star Dream got darker
DWPC05 A boy named Suguru Kojima who's a magician under a stage name called Cards. He is worried that he'll never be a magician because he never gets to perform his tricks, because his father is a famous magician and Suguru is being living in his shadow.
DWPC06 Arisu - She's a conductor for one of the classes choir. Since her class wasn't picked as the representative in the national school choir competition, she started believe she's the worse conductor in history. She is a bit of perfectionist but passionate about conducting. She has a piano at home.
DWPC07 Kenya Kaji - He wants to be an artist but he's too shy to show off his art, believing them to be horrible.
Yuka Hoshimiya, the Cure's home room teacher and is worried about the future when she is getting married.
Roy Pond - His Star Dream was darkening and getting smaller due to his worry about being moved to Japan of having to face changes.
Masaki Negishi - His Star Dream was corrupting because he felt upset that he didn't get chosen for baseball game. Even he tried so hard for it and wants to be a baseball player.
Chiasa - She is a first year ballet student. She is the daughter of a famous ballet Prima donna. She admires her mom and follows her, but she always gets the second most important part in the ballet performances while Kiku always gets the lead part. She than thinks that she's bad at ballet and shouldn't do it in the first place. That also she never be like her mother and should just quit.
Gina - She wanted to be a fashion designer but isn't very good at drawing her designs. Which she than started to believe she not fit to be a fashion designer.
Juro Yoshioka - He doubts that he'll find true love because he wants to find love.
Shinju - She's a Japanese idol but worries about that it is a mistake for her to be an idol.
Miho - She wants to be a nurse. But she's afraid of making mistakes. By being insecure, she loses her confidence.
Koji Ueda - He wants to be a vet but is afraid of making mistakes and thinks he shouldn't be one.
Go Sumii - He loves gardening but he thinks he'll never be a good gardener since he neglects a plant to die.
Kin - She is the next Iemoto of a traditional Japanese dance school. Hideaki Nakajima is the next Iemoto of a Ikebana school and an old friend of Kin. She has feeling for him but Kin thinks he'll never return her feelings. Kin is a student at his Iemoto school.
Hironobu Takeshita - He's a student of Kiku's mother. He thinks he'll never be a good sculptor since he thinks he can't make good sculptures after receiving constructive criticism from Kiku mother.
Atsuko Tokumoto - She wants to be an Opera singer but is very shy and timid. She wants to join the choir but is too shy and timid.
Kame - Wants to be a Soprano singer, in one of the class choir. She wants to do a solo but didn't get it, she started to think she's a bad soprano singer.
Takuya Mifune - He wants to be a actor but has Stage fright. Making him think he shouldn't be a actor.
Yoko Okino - She's accompaniment on the piano for one of the Valour Academy classes choir was entering. Her dream was to play the piano always, even after she got married and had children; hoping to play with them. She's thinks she's not good enough and when she made a mistake at a recital causing to run off, it made her belief even further.
Yumi Horikoshi - She is a 7 year old girl and a classmate of Kiku siblings who wanted to do many things, but gave up on each one as she failed. As she tried to mend her stuffed animal's bear broken ear, she couldn't do it right and gave up. This tainted her Star Dream.

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