Koukou Middle School is the school Umeki and Michiko go to.


The school is divided into two sections: the middle school and the JSL academy. It has a computer lab, a chemistry lab and a testing room(for experiments and other science lessons) for science classes, a music room and a global music room (the same as the music room, just for music around the world) for music classes. There are also language rooms that are used for teaching Chinese and English. On the other side of that, restricted to students unless they're in the Peerese (Volunteer for JSL) program or a teacher. Besides math, science and music rooms, there is a library. But the rooms aren't all teaching. There is the cafeteria and the outdoor porch also for eating on summer or spring days, and places used for atheletics are the track, the soccer field and the gym, which all except the gym are outside. For extra curricular activities, a kitchen, a dance studio and a swimming pool are on the school area. There is also a history room with a map and books and a language room. The JSL side has a playground, a library and 5 classrooms.


These are the subjects taught at Koukou Middle School. Extra curricular activities have a star.

  • Science ( All types of science, science fair*)
  • Math (All math, Math Empire*)
  • History( Japan's history, America's history*)
  • 2nd/3rd languages (Chinese, English)
  • Language Arts (Japanese, essay club*)
  • Music (Regular music, World Symphony*)
  • P.E.( Track, soccer, etc, swimming*)
  • Dance*(Ballet, tap, jazz or hip hop)
  • Cooking (Meals, desserts*)

After School Programs

Different from the extra curricular activities which are done during school, there are also 3 after school programs available to students in the school. These activites are:

  • Drummerpalooza (drumming, music room)
  • Airigators (lacrosse, gym)
  • Serif HQ (calligraphy, Chinese room)


The summer uniform for girls is a red and white short sleeved jacket with a white shirt inside, and the bottom is a checkered red skirt with black tights and brown runners. Boys wear the same red and white short sleeved jacket, but they wear a navy blue shirt inside. For the bottom the boys wear black thin pants and brown shoes. In the winter the uniform is the same for both girls and boys but the jacket is long sleeved, the shirt is wool and not cotton. Also the tights are another layer thicker and instead of shoes, the students wear boots.

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