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"Love is everywhere!"— Koshokukoi Rubellit
Koshokukoi Rubellit


Heather Pose Season

紅色恋 ルベライト

Kōshokukoi Ruberaito
SeasonSky Pretty Cure Series
Title(s)International Idol
Age15 - 18
Eye Colordark red (Rubellit)

pink (Heather)

Hair ColorPink
Home PlaceMitsuko Machi (formerly)
AffiliationSky Pretty Cure
Strawberry Blossom Records
DebutSky Pretty Cure 19
Last AppearanceThe Final 22
SeiyuuSakura Ayane
ParentsKoshokukoi Manami

Koshokukoi Takumi

SiblingsKoshokukoi Rei
Pretty Cure
ItemRainbow Pact
Alter EgoCure Heather
RainbowPink Rainbow
WeaponsColor Palette
Theme Color Pink

Koshokukio Rubellit is one of the main protagonists of the Sky Pretty Cure Series. Rubellit is a very cheerful, energetic but also clumsy young girl. She is a popular idol who originally comes from Tokyo and moved several times until she and her family came to Feather Castletown. When she came to Feather Castletown, she had problems making new friends due to her status as idol. Later then, she found a best friend in Murasakiiro Amethyst who, surprisingly, had no idea that Rubellit is an idol. Her catchphrase is "Love is everywhere!" (愛はどこにでもある Ai wa doko ni demo aru?).

Her alter ego is Cure Heather (キュアヘザー Kyua Hezā?), the Pretty Cure of love. She represents the pink color.


Main article: Koshokukoi Rubellit / History

Personal Information

Basic Statistics

  • Name: Rubellit Koshokukoi
  • Japanese: 紅色恋 ルベライト
  • Birthday: January 1st
  • Zodiac: Capricorn
  • Birthplace: Tokyo
  • Height: 1,59 cm
  • Weight: 56 kg
  • Blood Type: N/A
  • Species: Human
  • Personal Quote: Love is everywhere!
  • Habit(s):
  • Favorite...
    • Food: Hayashi rice, Curry, Onigiri
    • Color: Everything except for Black
    • Music: No preferences, mostly listens to J-Pop


  • Rubellit shows that she hates bugs, spiders, etc; she is even afraid of them.


  • Rubellit want to do the same in the future as she does today.
  • She wants to give music to the world and maybe become an international star.


  • Rubellti's skills at sports are unknown.
  • But she is known to be a good dancer and performer.
  • She has good stamina but isn't most hyped about sport.

  • Rubellit's studying abilities are unknown.
  • But it is most likely that she is neither good nor bad at studies.
  • Rubellit needs have at least neutral grades to stay an idol (strict rule by her family).

  • Rubellit is acutally a good entertainer.

General Information


Rubellit is a very cheerful, energetic but also clumsy young girl. She is a popular idol who originally comes from Tokyo and moved several times until she and her family came to Feather Castletown. She always tries to stay positive no matter what comes. She might be easy to scare but Rubellit is a fighter. A girly one, but a fighter. When she came to Feather Castletown, she had problems making new friends due to her status as idol. Most students just admired her but wouldn’t be the kind of friend Rubellit was looking for. Later then, she found a best friend in Murasakiiro Amethyst who, surprisingly, had no idea that Rubellit is an idol.

Clothing Style

As an idol, Rubellit can wear what ever she wants to. She considers herself as "cute idol", so she really likes to wear cute clothes, that are mostly pink, white or purple. Childish clothes are perfect for her and also match her personatily very well.


In civilian, Rubellit wars a white short sleeved shirt and a redish-pink skirt. A pink jacket is tied around her hips and she wears dark brown boots with even darker heels. She wears a bracelet of yellow beads around her left wrist. Rubellit has pink hair that reaches over her shoulders and red eyes.

During winter seasons, Rubellit wears a white tshirt with a pink pullover underneath. She wears dark blue jeans with blueish-violet pockets and a brown belt. She wears light brown boots that end under her knees.


Pretty Cure

As Cure Heather, her hair become longer and are tied two pigtails held up by white bows. Hey eye color changes to pink. She wears a pink dress with a dark pink belt and a light pink overskirt. Underneath the dress she wears a light pink blouse. Her boots are knee-lenght. On her chest, she wears a heart which has both colors includet pink and purple. She carries her Rainbow Pact on the right side of her belt.

Precious Cure Heather, her hair color and length stay the same but now instead of white pale yellow ribbons are tied around her twintails. Her outfit changes to a sleeve less bright pink dress. A double layered cloth is tied around the dress and her right shoulder. The cloth is colored in pink colors and has a golden trim. There is a pink heart brooch attached to the golden trim. The heart also has a golden trim and two dark pink ribbons hang down from it. She wears a dark pink fabric around her hips replacing her belt. A pink bow with a light blue diamond and rainbow colored beads are attached to the fabric. She wears white boots with pink trims. The boots reach to her knees. The heels of the boots are also pink.

Movie Casual

In The Legend of the Rainbow Jewels, Rubellit wears a dark pink cloth of which two ends are tied together at her neck, joining to a bow behind her neck. She wears white pants that end over her knees. Over the pants, she wears a black belt of which a pink heart-shaped chain hangs down. She wears pale pink sandals, a star-shaped hair clip and a green[1] cloth around her right wrist.



  • Koshokukoi Rei - Rei is Rubellit's older sister, who just graduated from High School. She acts a little bit like Rubellit's boss and can even tell her Manager, Renka Katsuo what to do. Rei might seem harsh but is actually just worried about her younger sister.
  • Koshokukoi Manami - Rubellit's mother.
  • Koshokukoi Takumi - Rubellit's father.
  • Melika - Rubellit's cousin from Hawaii.


  • Pink - Pink is Rubellit's fairy partner, whom she met at the Kaigan and suddenly fell in her arms. She accidently talked with Rubellit and after Purple told Pink to shut up, the four were already attacked. Since that, Rubellit cares for Pink and sometimes the two seem like sisters. They both have a clumsy but cheerful personality and usually try to be in good mood.
  • Murasakiiro Amethyst - Amethyst is Rubellit's best friend. At first, Rubellit wasn't very found by Amethyst, since she thought she was rather annyoing. Amethyst was pushed around by Rubllit long enough so Amethyst could get used to her and her behaviour. She then started actually liking her, though the two have to completely different styles of life. They support each other every time they get the chance to. After Yumi was saved, she, Rubellit and Amethyst became a friendship trio, though Yumi thought that their worlds couldn't fuse.
  • Akahane Ruby - Ruby and Rubellit are very much the same. They don’t just have similar names but also similar attitudes. As both get super excited over things and are very passionate. Also, both have a hard time to understand things. However, for Ruby it’s the school stuff, while Rubellit just doesn’t get some things. Ruby also shows to be a fan of Rubellit, even before she came the Feather Castletown for the first time. Though Rubellit is the older one, Ruby enjoys the fact that she is a Pretty Cure senpai towards Rubellit and wants to teach her as many things as possible. However, Rubellit is way more energetic than Ruby and likes to push Ruby to hurry, while Ruby likes to take things easily. This kinda annoys Ruby.
  • Kiishi Topaz - Topaz' rather calm and serene attitude and Rubellit's cheerful energy seem to have nothing in common. However, the two can be good friends and have a harmony between them. They usually interact like they have known each other for a long time, not just a few months. If Amethyst doesn't have time, Topaz would be always the second person Rubellit would ask! Topaz is Rubellit's second best friend.
  • Mikanki Amber - Rubellit loves Amber's determination towards everything she loves. She admires how she handles situations that might be hard to her and knows that she won't fight against her. But she also know that her actions are not for nothing. Rubellit things about asking her and Robin to design some clothes for her, which she could wear when going on stage. Also knowing that Amber does know her idol identity but doesn't freak out about it makes her happy.
  • Midorikusa Emerald - At first, Rubellit had no real relationship to Emerald other than being Pretty Cure and member of the team. They did get along but nothing more was shown. A bit more was shown when Emerald told them about her changing interests and it was hearable how worried Rubellit was. Telling her that it's a big step to change someone's 'basic hobby', Rubellit tried to make think about it once again. Rubellit is also rather impressed that Emerald's family consits of famous sport personalities.
  • Aomizu Sapphire - Sapphire has been a fan of Rubellit since Rubellit has released her first single. She always wanted to meet an idol and when Rubellit came to Feather Castletown, this dream finally came true. Now, Sapphire and Rubellit are really good friends as both are totally in love with music. Rubellit also once helped Sapphire to stand on stage herself by organizing a concert where the both of them would perform.
  • Shirosora Diamond - Though being younger than herself, Rubellit sees Diamond kinda as her role model. Not the part where she's a normal child of a rich family, but the part of Diamond which can take care for her own and others. The fact that Diamond always listen to her heart instead of others both inspires and annoys Rubellit. She also wonders how a person can be so calm and smart and bossy at the same time. But she still looks up to Diamond - or more correctly looks down. But she'd never tease her on that anyway.
  • Low - Like the common opinion, Rubellit thinks he is way too rude sometimes. She usually acts pretty cold towards him - like he acts towards her. But she just can't stop her cheerfulness and tends to be laughing even though she wants to stay cold. She is also annoyed by him fast as she doesn't want him to tell her things which he doesn't follow himself. Though she's only two months older, she keeps telling Low to call her his "senpai".


Koshokukoi (紅色恋?) - Koshokukoi comes from Ko ( kurenai?) meaning "crimson" a strong shade of red, Shoku ( iro?) meaning "color" and Koi (?) meaning "love", a reference to her alter ego Cure Heather, who uses the power of love. If Koshoku (紅色?) used with Awa (?) it means "pale pink" or "pink", another reference to Cure Heather.

Rubellit (ルベライト?) - From "rubellite"; the rubellite is a particularly beautiful gemstone from the colourful family of the tourmalines. Its colour shines in the most beautiful nuances from red to shocking pink.[2]

Cure Heather - Her Cure alias is based on the given name Heather, which comes from the English word heather for the variety of small shrubs with pink or white flowers which commonly grow in rocky areas. It is derived from Middle English hather.[3]


Rube (ルベ?) - Rube is the way FairySina calls Rubellit.

Pretty Cure

Cure Heather


"Throbbing, the power of love! Cure Heather!"
Tokimeki, ai no chikara! Kyua Hezā!

Cure Heather is the Pretty Cure of the pink rainbow. She is Cure Lavender's direct partner and caretaker of the pink guard. Cure Heather is the Pretty Cure of love, who fight alongside the Pretty Cure of dreams. She performs attack with the Color Palette and transforms with the mythical Rainbow Pact. Her transformation speech is "Double Rainbow Painting!".

In the German dubs, Heather introduces herself with "Die Farbe der Liebe! Cure Heather!", which can be translated as "The Color of Love! Cure Heather!".


  • Color Palette (カラーパレット Karā Paretto?) - Cure Heather and Cure Lavender's main attack item that the two need to perform their attacks.

Precious Cure Heather

Precious Cure Heather (プレシャスキュアヘザー Pureshasu Kyua Hezā?) is Cure Heather's super form from Legend of the Rainbow Jewels.


Cure Heather used in The Final Sky Pretty Cure some sub attacks, she uses them alone:

  • Lovely Heart (ラブリーハート Raburī Hāto?) - Cure Heather summons a big Heart and shoots it to the enemy.


"Double Rainbow Painting!" - Double Rainbow Painting is the official transformation speech used by Rubellit and Amethyst to transform into Cure Heather and into Cure Lavender in Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~.

First, the two girls appear in front of a pink and purple background. Then they shout: "Double Rainbow Painting!" and the Rainbow Pact starts glowing brightly until a light is released. The lgiht passes the two girls and changes their hair. First it was shown how Rubellit's hair grew longer, then it was shown how Amethyst's hair changed its color and grew longer. Then the scene was split, showing that the eye colors of both girls have changed. Then the girls seperate themselves and Rubellit draws a heart, which floates over her head down to her feet, letting her outfit appear and even styles her hair. Then Amethyst was shown drawing a flower, which does the same. Then another split screen, showing the girls getting their rainbow pacts. Then Heather introduces herself: "Color of Love! Cure Heather!" and Lavender introduces herself: "Color of dreams! Cure Lavender!". Then the two grab each other's hands and introduce themselves: "Our powers to protect the colors! We are Pretty Cure! Rainbow Star!"


As a main character, Rubellit's voice actor, Sakura Ayane has particated in several image songs for the character she voices:

  • Mirai, Kibou, Destiny! (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Uchida Maaya)
  • P R I S M (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Uchida Maaya)
  • Niji Tenshi no Karaa (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa, Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Uchida Maaya)
  • Forever Sky Pretty Cure ♥ (Along with Hirano Aya, Iida Riho, Taneda Risa,Hanazawa Kana, Otsubo Yuka, Murakawa Rie, Uchida Maaya)


  • Rubellit's birthday falls on January 1st while her star sign is Capricorn.
  • Rubellit is third Cure who has an idol status. The first two were Urara and Makoto.
    • Coincidentally, all of their surnames start with 'K'.
    • However she is the first pink Cure to be an idol.
  • Cure Heather is the first pink Cure that is not a lead Cure.
  • Cure Heather is the fourth pink Cure having the power of love. The first were Cure Peach from Fresh Pretty Cure!, Cure Heart from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure and Cure Lovely from Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!.
    • However, she is the fifth Cure overall, after Cure Ace from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.
    • She is also the regular Pretty Cure to be not the lead Cure and have the power of love.
  • Cure Heather and Cure Lavender where the first pink-purple-team in the franchise. Later, they were followed by Cure Miracle and Cure Magical from Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!.
  • Cure Heather is the third pink haired Cure to have her hair tied into twin and/or pigtails. The first were Cure Melody from Suite Pretty Cure♪ and Cure Happy from Smile Pretty Cure!.
  • Rubellit's poster can be seen in Sky Pretty Cure 12, in Sapphire's room.
  • While every other Sky Cure's name is English, her name is based on the German word for Rubellite.
  • Rubellit is one of the few Cures, having her last name written with three kanji characters.
  • Though being born in Japan, Rubellit comes from a multicultural family.
  • As of mid The Final Sky Pretty Cure, Rubellit is the first Pretty Cure to not attend any school.
  • Cure Heather and Cure Lavender are the only Pretty Cures whose appearance doesn't change after they changed their civilian appearance.


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