Konomi Hoshikuzu
星屑 このみ
Hoshikuzu Konomi
Personal Information
Hair ColorPink (Konomi)

Yellow (Stardust)

Eye ColorDark Magenta (Konomi)

Light Magenta (Stardust)

Home PlaceShiranami Town
RelativesSadako Hoshikuzu (mother)

Hiroaki Hoshikuzu (father)

Nonoka Hoshikuzu (little sister)

Alter EgoCure Stardust
Theme ColorPink (main)

Yellow (sub)

Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Phoenix Prisms!
First AppearancePCPP01
Konomi Hoshikuzu (星屑 このみ Hoshikuzu Konomi) is one of the main cures in Pretty Cure Phoenix Prisms! Her alter ego is Cure Stardust (キュア スターダスト Kyua Sutādasuto) and she represents stars.


Konomi is a great cook who loves making people smile with food. She loves going out on adventures and hanging out with the other cures and figuring out mysteries. She didn't like being a Pretty Cure at first since she thought it didn't make people happy but when she saved the town from a Shinigami, she was quite happy when everyone cheered for her and the others. She is a huge fan of Maria Kiseki and loves singing along to her songs. She takes music lessons with Aguri.


Konomi has shoulder length pink hair that she keeps in a high ponytail that is tied back by a yellow bow. She has dark magenta eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a pink opened vest with a yellow long sleeved dress with ruffles, white thigh high socks with yellow slip on shoes with a pink ribbon on top. Her watch is yellow and pink that she wears on her left hand.


Before the series

When Konomi was five years old, she find a pink star necklace in the local park. She ran back home back home to show her mother when she saw that her mum was busy cooking. She watched her cook and asked if she could help. Her mum let her help and her hobby for cooking started. She never showed her parents or Nonoka her Star locket and kept right on doing what she liked best, which was cooking to make people smile.

When she heard about Maria Kiseki, she wanted to start singing, so her dad signed her up for music where she met Aguri Kiseki, Maria's daughter. She was jealous of Aguri's talent for singing but didn't really mind. When she started middle school and Aguri was in her class, she didn't walk up to her or say hi, she just spoke to her childhood friend, Miku Nogaura. She started avoiding her because of her jealously but didn't even know that Aguri was jealous of her for becoming friends with a lot of people while she couldn't.


Nonoka Hoshikuzu - Nonoka is Konomi's younger sister. They get along well and have a passion for cooking together.

Aguri Kiseki - Aguri is Konomi Pretty Cure partner. They become best friends and usually argue but tell each other their secrets.

Miku Nogaura - Miku has been Konomi's best friend since they were little. She watches Konomi's back and accepts Aguri as a friend.

Moon Beam - Moon Beam is Konomi's mascot partner.

Inseki Hoshino, Inochi Modosu, Cho Hisakawa and Ellie Kagome - They are the rest of Konomi's Pretty Cure team. She get's along well with them.


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