Kono Sekai Pretty Cure! (translates to This World Pretty Cure!) is the sequel to Sekai Pretty Cure! and introduces a new Cure plus another reborn dark Cure.

Confirmed Characters


Aihara Sakura / Cure Garden
Sakura is a 14 year old who likes to sleep in late and is usually fussed at. Her family owns a garden that Sakura cares for and wishes to become a gardener when she grows up. Sakura wants to be like Hansha; she wants to be someone who is elegant and fancy.

Narufuru Katatoki / Cure Ocean

Aosumai Hikami / Cure Glacier

Moetsurai Ondo / Cure Oasis

Kofukuno Oto / World Shining
Oto is a 12 year old who originally was shy, but the Cures' helped her break out of her shy shell and become a Cure-like ally. She is almost always there to help everyone in need.

Hikaru Hansha / Cure Sunshine Mirage
Hansha is a 14 year old who first appeared as Cure Sunshine Mirage to aid Garden and Ocean. Once Hansha revealed herself, she becomes very elegant, and even likes to be fancy sometimes.

New Cures

Hohono Jonetsu / Cure Forest
Jonetsu is a 15 year old who says she has a "passion of fashion" and will almost never stop worrying or thinking about fashion. Thanks to the Cures and Sekaiju's power, she could obtain a Pretty Cure ego.

Kirameku Modoru / Cure Moonlight Mirage
Modoru is a 17 year old, the oldest of the team. At first she started cold to the others but started warming up to Sakura since she knew she was a leader. Once she revealed who she was, she could transform thanks to Sakura and Sekaiju's help and became a gentle, heartwarming person.






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