Konno Aoi
Konno Aoi
Konno Aoi
Personal Information
Birthday DateUnknown
Hair ColorDark Blue (Aoi)

Blue (Cure Techno)

Eye ColorNavy (Aoi)

Blue (Cure Techno)

Alter EgoCure Techno
Theme ColorBlue
Anime Information
SeasonLifestyle Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceLsPC01
Konno Aoi is one of the Cures in Lifestyle Pretty Cure!. She is a very shy girl, and her alter ego is Cure Techno (キュアテクノ Kyua Tekuno) and her standard signature color is blue.


As Konno Aoi, she has long dark blue hair without any ponytail or accessory. Her eyes color is navy. She always wear a thick glasses at first. But later, after Ryuko suggest her to wear softlens, she doesn't wear glasses anymore.

As Cure Techno, her hair color and eyes color turns brighter.


Aoi is really shy. Actually she is really smart and good at programming, but like Utau, she is not good at making friends. But later, along with Utau, they become energetic and not shy anymore.

Cure Techno

"Blue! The fifth light of the rainbow, Cure Techno!"


Burū! Niji no daigo no hikari wa, Kyua Tekuno!

Cure Techno (キュアテクノ Kyua Tekuno) is Cure Aoi transforms into. She has the power of technology. Her main purification attack is Techno Computer Virus.


Techno Computer Virus - Cure Techno shouts "pretty cure" then blue squares flows behind her. After that, she shouts "techno computer virus" and she release her attack.


Konno (紺の) - 紺の means "navy blue", this refers to her theme color.

Aoi (青い) - 青い means "blue", this also refers to her theme color as well.


  • She is the third blue Cure to has non-water-related power


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