Kohinata Kirari
Kohinata Kirari
Kohinata Kirari
Personal Information
Hair ColorYellow (Kirari)

Bright Yellow (Cure Art)

Eye ColorYellow (Kirari)

Bright Yellow (Cure Art)

Alter EgoCure Art
Theme ColorYellow
Anime Information
SeasonLifestyle Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceLsPC01
Kohinata Kirari is one of the Cures in Lifestyle Pretty Cure! . She is really good at painting and drawing.  She also like to called "Kirarin" by others. Her alter ego is Cure Art (キュアアート Kyua Āto) and her standard signature color is yellow.


As Kohinata Kirari, she has long wavy yellow hair without any ponytail, and she always wearing an accessory like headbands or hairpin on her hair. She has yellow eyes.

As Cure Art, her hair and her eyes color change into a brighter yellow.


Kirari has a babyish personality, and she sometimes acts immature for her age. She really likes to painting and drawing. Kirari also good at designing clothes, which is later often used by Midorisawa Ryuko.

Cure Art

"Yellow! The third light of the rainbow, Cure Art!"


Ierō! Niji no daisan no hikari, Kyua Āto!

Cure Art (キュアアート Kyua Āto) is Cure Kirari transforms into. Cure art has the power of arts. Her main purification attack is Art Color Splash.


Art Color Splash - Cure Art first shouts "pretty cure!" then yellow sparkles started gathering before her and become a solid form which is looks like a big paintbrush. After that, she hold the paintbrush with her hands and shouts "art color splash!" then she release her attack.


Kohinata (小日向) - 小 means "small", while 日向 means "sunny place".

Kirari (きらり) - Without り, きら is from word きらきら which means "glitter".


  • Kirari is similar to Yayoi from Smile Pretty Cure!
    • Both have yellow as their theme color
    • Both have babyish personality
    • Both are good at drawing