Kodenha Abby
Kodenha Abī
Personal Information
Birthday DateApril 7th, 1998
Hair Colorbrown (Abby)

dark green (Cure Legend)

Eye Colorblue (abby)

green (Cure Legend)

Alter EgoCure Legend
Theme Colorgreen
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Friend Connection
First AppearancePCFC01

Kodenha Abby is one on the Cures of Pretty Cure Friend Connection, based of FairySina. She is an 15 year old girl, who can be very strange if you meet her for first time. But Abby is a real kind girl, who often talks to herself. She likes playing Video games. She is also good at Schools but bad at sports. When she's excited, she often says "My heart starts pounding!" (私の心はどきどきを開始! Watashi no kokoro wa dokidoki o kaishi!). Her alter ego is Cure Legend (キュアレジェンド Kyua Rejendo).


Meeting Hero

Becoming PreCure


Abby has brown hair that comes to her chin, that she puts in two ponytails. Her eyes are blue. Her casual outfit is a light green jacket with a white dress underneath, white stocking and brown boots.

As Cure Legend, her hair becomes longer and chance their color to dark green. Her eyes become green. Her costume is a mix of dark green and light green. Her costume is a full dress without the midriff. She also wears knee-high green boots.


Abby seems to be a very quite person. She also can be very strange if you meet her for first time. But Abby is a really kind girl, who often talks to herself. Abby can be a bit crazy and hyperactive but also calm and wise and holds firmly on logic. She totally respects her friends.


Hero - Hero is Abby's partner.

Kodenha Rin - Abby's older sister

Cure Legend

Blessed with heroically spirits! Cure Legend!
Eiyū-teki seishin ni megumarete! Kyua Rejendo!

Cure Legend (キュアレジェンド Kyua Rejendo) is Abby's alter ego. Her powers are relatet to atventures.


Pretty Cure, Adventure Mode on! - "Pretty Cure, Adventure Mode on!" is the transformation phrase used by Abby to transform into Cure Legend in Pretty Cure Friend Connection.


Magical Arrow (マジカルアロー Majikaru Arō) -

Magical Arrow Storm (マジカルアローストーム Majikaru Arō Sutōmu) -

Legendary Sword Strike (伝奇的ソードストライク Denki-teki Sōdo Sutoraiku) -


Kodenha (古伝葉) - Koden (古伝) means "fiction" or "legend". This could be a reference to her alter ego, Cure Legend. Ha (葉) means "leaf".

Abby (アビー) - Abby comes from "Abigail", from the Hebrew name Avigayil meaning "my father is joy". The name could be a reference to the "NCIS" character Abby Sciuto.

Cure Legend - Cure Legend could be referring to Abby's favorite game series "The Legend of Zelda".




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