Sabrins-Cure Handy
Kiyohara Sabrina
Kiyōhara Saburina
SeasonBest Friends! Pretty Cure
Best Friends! Pretty Cure ♥Forever♥
Eye Colorblue (Sabrina)

red (Cure Handy)

Hair Colorblonde
First AppearanceBFPC01
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Handy
Theme Colorred

Kiyohara Sabrina is one of the main Cures from Best Friends! Pretty Cure and Best Friends! Pretty Cure ♥Forever♥. Sabrina is the second member of the group and the oldest. She is the handiest and sportiest of all. Sabrina and Anne are friends since childhood. Sabrina also likes playing Video games but sometimes needs help. Sabrina is based on FairySina's friend Sabi. Her alter ego is Cure Handy (キュアハンディ Kyua Handi) the Cure of Sport.



Sabrina has dark blonde colored hair that just past chin. Her eyes are blue colored. She wears her hair open but has a little braid to the left side. As a civilian, she wears a dark red shirt with a black shirt with sleeves underneath and a sleeveless black jacket. She wears a black three-quarter Pants and grey sneakers. In summer, she often wears a blue-red dress Shirt and a dark blue hotpant.


Sabrina is said to have a strong sense of justice and does not easily forgive one's wrong actions. She is also known for her exceptional Courage. Sabrina is the sportiest of the group.

Cure Handy

Good Performance and fair game! Cure Handy!
Sugureta pafōmansu to kōseina gēmu! Kyua Handi!

Cure Handy(キュアハンディ Kyua Handi) is Sabrina's alter ego. Cure Handy is the Cure of Sport. Her counterpart is Cure Paint. She is the strongest Cure of the Team. As a Cure, she becomes much more serious, and reveals more of her views on justice. To transform, she needs her Color Screen.

Super Cure Handy

Beautiful memories forever! Sparkling Hearts, Best Friends! Super Pretty Cure!
Eien ni utsukushī omoide! Kirameku no kokoro, saikō no tomodachi! Sūpāpurikyua!

Super Cure Handy is the upgrade Version of Cure Handy, she gains later in the Series.

Cure Magical Handy

Cure Magical Handy is an upgrade Cure Handy gains in Pretty Cure All Stars New Wave: Mahō no Tomodachi!. Together with the others' upgrades, the girls form the group Cure Magic Friends. This upgraded outfit resembles that of Super Cure Paint in the season's finale.


Love Check! Pretty Cure Digital Save! - "Love Check! Pretty Cure Digital Save!" is the official transformation phrase used by Sabrina to transform into Cure Handy in Best Friends! Pretty Cure.

First, she activates her Color Screen. Then she shouts "Love Check!" and her Screen shines in a red Color. Her body then gets covered in a red glow. Then she shouts "Pretty Cure Digital Save!" and she spins around. Her hair first becomes longer and get styled. Then her gloves appear and her shoes. After that, her outfit appears and a little bow appears on her chest. Finaly her Color Screen get stowed in the poppy pucket. Cure Handy then opens her eyes and recites her introductory speech.



Kiyohara (器用原) - Kiyo (器用) means skillful or handy which could be an obvious reference to her alter ego Cure Handy. Hara (用) means field.

Sabrina (サブリナ) - Sarina means "Nymph of the River Severn". But the original word Sabrina however, comes from "Habren" bzw. "Hafren" (probably Celtic for "river").


As a main character, Sabrina's voice actor, has particated in several image songs for the character she voices.

  • World without Magic



  • Sabrina has the same voiceactor as Dark Rouge from Yes! Pretty Cure 5: Kagami no Kuni no Miracle Daibouken!.



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