Kitagawa Haruka
Kitagawa Haruka
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Pink (Haruka)

Light Pink (Cure Shining)

Eye ColorRed
Home PlaceLight Town
RelativesKitagawa Kate (mother)

Kitagawa Alex (father)

Alter EgoCure Shining
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonHikari Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceHPC!01
 Kitagawa Haruka is lead cure of Hikari Pretty Cure! Her alter ego is Cure Shining.


Haruka is friendly 14 years old girl. She loves flowers and happy things and also loves to read.


Coming soon...

Cure Shining

Coming soon...


Eri - Eri and Haruka get along very well and often find out that they are similiar in a way.

Akiyama Akemi - Akemi was Haruka's first friend in new school.

Tsukikawa Hinata - After Haruka became friends with Akemi she also find out more about Hinata and became her friend.

Mizuki Chou - Haruka liked Chou when she first time saw her and was really happy when she was able to become friends with her.

Suzukawa Akira - Even thought Akira doesn't often talk to others, Haruka try many times to talk with her.


  • Haruka is third lead Pretty Cure that is transfer student after Hanasaki Tsubomi and Hoshizora Miyuki.
  • Haruka is a bit similiar to Hoshizora Miyuki.
    • They are both lead cures that transfer to new school in first episode.
    • They both love reading
    • They both like happy things.
  • Haruka is also a bit similiar to Hanasaki Tsubomi.
    • They are both lead cures that transfer to new school in first episode.
    • They both like flowers.

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