Kiseki no Niji(Lit:Miracolous Rainbow)is the first ending of Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure. It started in episode1 and last played at episode 29.




Romaji English
Let'sGo!Ki-ki,ki-ki,kiseki no niji!(yeah!) Let'sGo!Mi-mi-mi-mi-miracolous rainbow!(yeah!)

Watashi no, Tomodachi, korede ure~shii

Haiken no, Sora ni, Paachiri no Taiyou.

All of my, Best Friends,are here i am happy

I look at,the sky,and the bright shining sun

Kimochiii no soyokaze, Utsukushii no MERODI~I

Kiseki,Kocchi-kocchi!Ikuyo, minna-san!

Sekai ni Terasu,Itsumademo....

A nice and soft breeze, A beautiful MELODY~Y

Miracle,come here!Let's go, everyone!

Let's go make the world shine, Forever....

One!Two!Three,Four,Five!Six,Seven Go,Let's go!

One!Two!Three,Four,Five!Six,Seven Go,Let's go!

Kiseki no Niji,Utsukushii no Kokoro!

Tomodachi no Tameni, We fight on!

Minna no Tameni, Sekai ni Tameni....

Let'sGo!Ki-ki,ki-ki,kiseki no niji!(yeah!)

A miracolous rainbow,A beautifull heart

For our friends sake, We fight on!

For everyone's sake, for the whole world's sake....

Let'sGo!Mi-mi-mi-mi-miracolous rainbow!(yeah!)

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