Kira Kira Pretty Cure! (キラ キラ プリキュア! Kira Kira Purikyua!) is a Japanese magical girl anime that is a fanseries created by Cure Ange. It starts on an unknown date, which is most likely sometime in February 2015, replacing Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! in it's initial timeslot. The themes are sparkles and jewels.


The Land of Light has been attacked by Dark Homeland and was invaded by the soldiers of Dark Homeland. All citizens energy were taken away and transferred to the ruler of Dark Homeland, who was to awaken and turn Land of Light into darkness. But, the soldiers realized there wasn't enough energy from the citizens of Land of Light and decided to go down to Earth and steal the human's energy. Sparkle, the rabbit of Land of Light, escaped from the invasion and went down to Earth, where she would awaken the six souls of light who would fight Dark Homeland and protect Earth from going into darkness.


Pretty Cure

Takeuchi Shoko (竹内 翔子 Takeuchi Shoko)/ Cure Cosmos (キュア コスモス Kyua Kozumosu)

  • Shoko is the protagonist of the series who is very happy-go-lucky and always there to help everyone. She is very clumsy but sporty at the same time and is loved by everyone. As Cure Cosmos she goes through a whole different character personality, being more serious than she is a Shoko, and is more graceful. Her standard signature colour is pink while her powers are based of love and flowers.

Fukuhara Mariko (福原 真理子 Fukuhara Mariko)/ Cure Jade (キュア ジェイド Kyua Jeido)

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