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Kira☆Kira Stars Pretty Cure!
Kira☆Kira Sutāsu Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorCure Lucky
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Lucky
Original RunJune 15th, 2021
Opening Song5 Again! Kira☆Kira Stars Pretty Cure!
Ending SongPure-Pure-Pure-Pretty Cure!

(ep. 1-22)

My Star My Heart (ep. 23-49)

Series Info
Kira☆Kira Stars Pretty Cure! (キラ☆キラスタースプリキュア! Kira☆Kira Sutāsu Purikyua!?) is a Pretty Cure fan series created by Cure Lucky that features Shadowed Stars Pretty Cure the team consisting of villains from the series 5★Stars Pretty Cure! reborn as Good Cures.


After Shadowed Cures were defeated by 5★Stars Pretty Cure, they reborned as normal girls without anything evil in their souls and without any memories about their past life. Now their mission is to get the memories back, along with fighting their new enemy Broken Stars.


Pretty Cure

Shageki Yumeko (射撃 夢子 Shageki Yumeko?)/ Cure Starfall (キュアスターフォール Kyua Sutaforu?)
Voiced by: Iida Riho
Yumeko is a cheerful, kind 14 year old girl who is obsessed with anything that is sparkly and also loves drawing. She is crared of darkness and will definitely scream if someone brings her in a dark place. She used to be Shadowed Sirius, but her present alter ego is Cure Starfall, the Cure of Shooting Stars and her theme color is magenta.

Masayoshi Akada (正義 赤田 Masayoshi Akada?)/ Cure Meteor (キュアメテオ Kyua Meteo?)
Voiced by: Morinaka Rika
Akada is a wise and strong 14 year old girl who plays lacrosse and likes to help with various things, but hates people who are selfish or cruel. She used to be Shadowed Antares, but her present alter ego is Cure Meteor, the Cure of Starry Justice and her theme color is crimson.

Utako Kirara (唄光 キララ Utakō Kirara?)/ Cure Glitter (キュアグリッター Kyua Gurittā?)
Voiced by: Tokui Sora
Kirara is a daring and at the same time modest 13 year old girl who has a bubbly attitude and inspires to be an idol, though is shy about her singing. She used to be Shadowed Alfa Centauri, but her present alter ego is Cure Glitter, the Cure of Starry Stage and her theme color is dark yellow.

Kyokuchi Akari (極致 あかり Kyokuchi Akari?)/ Cure Light (キュアライト Kyua Raito?)
Voiced by: Honna Yoko
Akari is a loud and emotinal 13 year old girl who tries her best to set things right and is afraid of making any mistakes. If she does something wrong, she will cry and turn into a nervous person. She used to be Shadowed Vega, but her present alter ego is Cure Light, the Cure of Starry Perfection and her theme color is dark green.

Mirai Onpu (未来 おんぷ Mirai Onpu?)/ Cure Way (キュアウェイ Kyua U~ei?)
Voiced by: Sendai Eri
Onpu is a cheerful and calm 15 year old girl who is also a great musician. Due to being friendly and social she is nearly the most popular student in her school. She used to be Shadowed Spica, but her present alter ego is Cure Way, the Cure of Starry Future and her theme color is navy blue.


Starlit (スターリット Sutāritto?)
Starlit is the only mascot of the series who later reveales to be Blade's reincornation. He is always serious about the Cures' mission and doesn't like when they act too carefree. He ends his sentences with "~ritto!".



Kira Flashlight (キラフラッシュライト Kira Furasshuraito?) is the Cures' transformation device.

Memory Jewel (メモリジュエル Memori Jueru?) is an item that can be used to get the past memories back.



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