This is the Shine★Pretty Cure! character. Please note that there is a character named Kira in Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure.

Personal Information
Hair ColorPink
Eye ColorPink
Home PlaceEarth (currently)
RelativesPrinces Fizzy (caretaker)
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonShine★Pretty Cure!

Kira (吉良~ちゃん Kira~chan) is the baby fairy mascot of Shine★Pretty Cure!. She was born in Episode 7.


She has pink hair, tied up in two buns. She wears cream yellow overalls, blue shoes and a purple necklace.


She is energetic and unlike the other baby fairy mascots, she is obedient and does not use her powers randomly.


When the girls went to their new base, Lucky House, they spot a bright light coming from under the couch, and then a big egg bounced out of under the couch and jumped onto the table. The girls were freaked out, and then Rei told Yuuka to touch it. Yuuka touched it and the egg cracked open, revealing a baby, along with a mini pad like thing, the Shiny Love Feeder. Then a portal appeared, and a girl jumped out of it. She said she was Princess Fizzy, Chocola's friend from the Fizzy Drink Kingdom. Then as the girls were discussing on who would take care of the baby, and what name to give her. They decided to name her Kira because she kept saying "Kirakira!". Then Fizzy volunteered to take care of her.


Kira (吉良) means "sparkling".


Cures and Mascots - They all like to play with Kira and they visit her every weekend unless they are busy.

Princess Fizzy - Is Kira's caretaker.


  • She is the fourth baby mascot, after Chiffon, Potpourri and Ai.
  • She is similar to Chiffon and Ai
    • They have powers.
    • They are baby mascots.
    • They can say not more than two things (except for Kira who can only say "KiraKira!".


Coming soon

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