Kimori Yuki
木森 幸
Kimori Yuki
Personal Information
Birthday DateUnknown
Hair ColorBrown (Yuki)
Gold (Cure Sound)
Eye ColorDark Brown (Yuki)
Gold (Cure Sound)
Alter EgoCure Sound
Theme ColorYellow
Anime Information
SeasonMelodia Pretty Cure♪
First AppearanceMPC05

Kimori Yuki (木森 幸 Kimori Yuki?) is a later Cure and tritagonist of Melodia Pretty Cure♪. Her alter ego is Cure Sound (キュアサウンド Kyua Saundo?).


She is smart and intelligent, like Anna, and also tries to help improve Uta's singing. She is the student council president.


First Appearance

She made her first appearance at Episode 5, where she mysteriously watches Uta and Anna, and later knows about their secrets. She also shows herself for the first time in front of the school, stating she never shows herself despite being the student council president and only going to the school on that day for the first time. She later meets up with Uta and Anna, and tells them that she knows about Pretty Cure, and will keep it a secret. She appears in many other episodes after, assisting the Cures in their fight.

Becoming a Cure

At Episode 20, She later then gets targeted by Ri, who wants to brainwash Yuki, like what she did to Aina. Nara wants to prevent this, and tells Yuki to become a Cure, alongside Uta and Anna. Yuki refuses, saying she is not skilled enough. Nara convinces Yuki that she will end up like Aina if she does not become a Cure. Yuki then states that she cannot transform, since she does not have a Melody Commune. Nara told Yuki that a new fairy is born, and can help Yuki transform. Just after Nara explained, Ri appeared on a lamp post and summoned a Hidoi. The Hidoi attacked Yuki, but she ran away with Nara. Uta and Anna came and transformed, but couldn't defeat the Hidoi. As Music and Song were fighting, the newborn fairy, Oto, came and transformed with Yuki into Cure Sound. With Music and Song, Cure Sound defeated Hidoi easily. Yuki agreed to help Uta and Anna out.


Kimori (木森) means "wood forest".

Yuki (幸) means "happiness".


Ongaku Uta - Yuki thinks Uta is a interesting person, also quite mysterious, which Uta doesn't get why.

Oto - Yuki's fairy partner.


  • Yuki is the second yellow Cure to be the student council president, after Myoudouin Itsuki.

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