Kikemono Hoshi
Kikemono Hoshi
SeasonNya! Pretty Cure
Eye Colorbrown (Hoshi)

yellow (Cure Fox)

Hair Colororange (Hoshi)

yellow (Cure Fox)

Home PlacePort Petto
First AppearanceNPC01
SeiyuuSaki Nakajima
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Fox
Theme Coloryellow (main)

orange (sub)

Kikemono Hoshi is one of the main Cures from Nya! Pretty Cure. She is Nekoitoshi Anzu's best friend. She is a student of the Koneko Academy who is really good at sports and her favorite sport is hockey. But she envies Anzu because of her drawings. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Fox (キュアフォックス Kyua Fokkusu). She represents a fox and her theme colors are yellow and orange.


Becoming Cure Fox

Finding Cure Bunny


Hoshi has a really wild personality. She is a very sporty girl and wants to be the best in many different ways. That's why envies Anzu because of her drawings.


Hoshi has short, orange colored hair. She wears a yellow T-shirt and a white sweater underneath. She wears a grey skirt.

As Cure Fox, her hair becomes blonde and grow longer. Her eye color changes to yellow. She wears a dark orange dress with a yellow ribbon and light yellow sleeves. She wears orange boots.

Cure Fox

As wild as a fox! Cure Fox!
Kitsune nado no yasei! kyuafokkusu!

Cure Fox (キュアフォックス, Kyua Fokkusu) is Hoshi's Pretty Cure alter ego. She transforms after shouting Pretty Cure! Power Up!. To transform she needs her Shiny Bracelet and her partner Kin. Cure Fox represents a fox. As Cure Fox, Hoshi learns to calm down and not to try being the best all the time. She also learns how to be in a team and fight together.
Alone, Cure Fox can perform Fox attack. After getting her MewMew Cross she can use the attack Cross Strike. Together with the other Cures, they can use the attack Cross Rod Hurricane but for this they need all four MewMew Cross'.


Fox Attack -

Cross Strike -


Pretty Cure! Power Up! - "Pretty Cure! Power Up!" is the transformation phrase used by Hoshi i to transform into Cure Fox in Nya! Pretty Cure


Kikemono (黄獣) - Ki (黄) means yellow and Kemono (獣) means bestie or animal an obvious reference to her alter ego and to her powers.

Hoshi (星) - Hoshi means Star.


As a main character, Hoshi's voice actor, Saki Nakajima has particated in several image songs for the character she voices.



  • Her surname was changed from "Ritorubikusen" to "Kikemono"
  • Hoshi shows similarities with Cure Sunshine from Heartcatch Pretty Cure



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