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Pika Kihara
黄原 ピカ
Kihara Pika
Personal Information
Birthday DateOctober 26th
Hair ColorBlonde (Pika)

Yellow (Cure Alfa Centauri)

Eye ColorGold (Pika)

Yellow (Cure Alfa Centauri)

RelativesKihara Minako (mother), Kihara Haruto (father)
Alter EgoCure Alfa Centauri
Theme ColorYellow
Anime Information
Season5★Stars Pretty Cure!
First Appearance5★SPC02
"Hearts are Powers ~Clap! PikaPika-chan needs to see your smiles!"
―Pika, while performing on the stage

Kihara Pika (黄原 ピカ Kihara Pika?) is one of the Cures in 5★Stars Pretty Cure!, a 13 year old 1st year student in Starfall Academy and an up-coming idol. She pretends to be cute and friendly, even if she is rude in fact. When someone says that he doesn't know her, she becomes angry, because Pika thinks she is very famous idol. However it is only her opinion. She transforms into Cure Alfa Centauri and her theme color is yellow.


Pika has golden eyes and a wealth of long, blonde hair with an ahoge on the top of her had. She wears her hair in twintails with light pink bows. Her casual outfit consists of a light yellow shirt with short, puffy sleeves, a yellow knee-length skirt with a light blue ribbon around it and with a bold seam of the same color, a pair of yellow striped stockings and a pair of yellow ballet flats with puffy lime green bows.

Her school uniform consists of a the same stockings as in a casual outfit, purple ribbon around her neck, light lavender shirt, a dark turquoise jacket with magenta outlines on its collar and pockets, a purple plaid skirt with light green frills underneath and a pair of dark brown shoes.


There is an interesting fact that Pika has a somewhat of a "two-faced" personality being cute and sweet, but quite short-tempered and rude once you learn more about her. But even when her negative side dominates much sometimes, she can turn soft-hearted and nice if you apply a special approach.

Being bright and sometimes much annoying girl, she's known a lot for her boldness. As being sick with a star fever, Pika will do anything for the sake of her fame, just to be beloved by everyone, thus it seems like this is the only thing she cares about. However, after turning rather more famous than she was at the beginning of her star career, Pika realizes her being important to her fans and truly shares her happiness with them.


Meeting Sayaka and Akai

Becoming Cure Alfa Centauri

Cure Sirius

"Glittery sparkling yellow star, Cure Alfa Centauri!"
Kirakira kirameku kiiro no hoshi! Kyua Arufa Kentauri!

Cure Alfa Centauri (キュアアルファケンタウリ Kyua Arufa Kentauri?) is the alter Pretty Cure ego of Pika.

Super Cure Alfa Centauri

Cure Rainbow Alfa Centauri

Starlet Alfa Centauri




Hoshina Sayaka

Hiyama Akai

Yamoto Sora

Sukiyaki Megumi






Pika has several songs performed by her voice actress, Uesaka Sumire (who also voiced Dekomori Sanae from Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai).







  • Pika is one of the Cures who have an ahoge in their hairstyles, just like Hoshizora Miyuki, Hino Akane, Kurokawa Ellen and Kenzaki Makoto.
    • Coincidentally, both of Pika and Makoto are idols.

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