Sora Kazesawa
Normal Sora
Kazesawa Sora
Personal Information
Age14 years old
Hair Colorblue hair that turns purple (Sora)

Blue(Cure Feminine)

Eye Colorred (Sora)

Blue(Cure Feminine)

Home PlacePrism Town
RelativesKazesawa Mahiro (Father)

Kazesawa Kaname (Mother) Kazesawa Daichi (Brother)

Alter EgoCure Feminine, Cure Rainbow
Theme Colorblue-colored, rainbow
Anime Information
SeasonTwo Life Precure!
First AppearanceTPC01

Her cure alter ego is キュアフェミニン (Cure Feminine? Kyua Feminin).

Sora Kazesawa is a leader of Two Life Precure! and a idol from Dream Agency


A student of Prism Academy, and is also one of Dream Agency's top models.She is always along with Saegusa Kii her best friend and manager. In the fact she can play many music instrument, but she more like to play violin.


Sora has blue hair that turns purple around the tips of each strand, and has red eyes. She is usually seen wearing a pink flower in her hair.

When transfrom into Cure Feminine her hair change into pink hair and has pink eyes.


sora is a serious person, kind and thoughtful. sora is also easy to make friends with anyone, but if you make sora angry , she the most sinister members of Pretty cure among other.


become model & meet cure star

prism land in search of a model contained in the new agency is called Dream Agency. Sora was signed into the agency, but when performing tests entry appeared a monster named June who invade Dream Agency Fortunately someone saved them is called Cure Star. after that, Sora was accepted into at Dream Agency's model.

Become Cure Feminine

sora will make its debut as a fashion model agency of the dream. In the evening Sora find an easter egg that contained in his dressing room. again, want to do the show when sora, sora was attacked by the same monster that is named June. Cure Star trying to save Sora, but failed. Because Sora says determined to become a top model who dreams of the past and protecting cure star,the Sora transfrom a cure feminine and managed to beat June with her first attack Feminine Splash


Cure Feminine

"The brilliant beauty! a dream of girls! Cure feminine!"
Azayakana utsukishi-sa! shojo-tachi no yume!kyua femini!

Cure Feminine (フェミニン治す Kyua Femini?) is Sora's Pretty Cure alter ego. Cure Feminine has the power of Beauty. cure feminie can make June stop moving by her beauty appeal and beautiful voice.

Cure Rainbow

"collect all the noble heart!, removes darkness!, cure rainbow!"
Subete kedakai kokoro o atsumeru!, Kurayami o sakujo!,kyua Reinbō!dont copy me cure rainbow is me,is I think that name gar

Cure Rainbow (キュアレインボー! Kyua Reinbo!) is Sora's 2nd Pretty Cure alter ego. When transfrom to this cure sora get more power. sora can transfrom into cure rainbow when with Femini and Peacock.


Sora transfrom use Prism Card

Pretty Cure! Idol Charge! - is a transfromation spell that used by cure's in this fan series.

Sora pun her Magical Card into Prism Card after one piece card and shoes card complete ! Appear a bright blue light, and many colored butterflies emerged around Sora, and then some blue butterflies dissapear.automatic sora clothes had turned into a cure feminine clothes, then Sora had tossed her hair and her hair was changed to blue after it emerged a blue flash and Sora was initiating speech.


Feminine Splash- a magic wand blue and white that symbolizes pegasus appeared, then Cure Feminine also said "precure, feminine splash!"

Awakening Blue Pegasus Flower Waltz - Cure Feminine attack without a magic wand Cure Feminine jumps in the air and she is surrounded by wind with an feminine blue patterns and ble pegasus symnolizes. As she continues to spin around, she is lifted into the air. Once the whirlwind gets violent, Cure Feminine lands and green vines start to grow as she rotates on the ice using her right leg. She finishes with a pose and colorful flowers surrounding her.

Eternal Blue Pegasus!- Cure Feminine change into blue pegasus and attacked the June's.



  • She is the first leader precure who is not using the theme color, which is pink.


  • "It is not the real feelings! Violin playing must learn a feeling from the heart, because playing the violin does not need a hard workout! I gotta show you what song it was from playing the violin!" - talking to June and Dylas

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