Kazaru Selene
Kazaru Selene
Kazaru Serēne
SeasonMoonlight Flower Pretty Cure
Little Lily Pretty Cure
Eye Colordark blue (Selene)

light blue (Grace)

Hair Colorlight blue (Selene)

white (Grace)

Home PlaceKokotaru
First AppearanceMFPC01
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Grace
Theme Colorwhite (main)

blue (sub)

Kazaru Selene is one of the main Cures from Moonlight Flower Pretty Cure. Selene is Kanon, Hina and Natsuki's best friend. She is very smart and also very wise. Selene is often very sick and has some problems inside of her. Her friends are often very worried about her. She found strength after Mizuki talked to her. Her alter ego is Cure Grace (キュアグレース Kyua Gurēsu). Her powers are related to the sky.

Her catchphrase is Be careful! (気を付けてね!Ki o tsukete ne!)


Becoming PreCure

Helping Mizuki

Fight against the emeny


Befitting her lady-like image, Selene is soft-spoken and acts with grace.


Selene has long light blue hair. Her eyes are dark blue. She wears a white jacket and a light blue dress underneath. Under the dress she wears white shorts. She wears white shoes.

As Cure Grace her hair becomes a bit longer and gets tied into two twintails. Her eye color changes into light blue. She wears a light blue hairband. She wears a white dress with white gloves. She also wears a light blue collar and light blue boots.


Cloud - Cloud is Selene's mascot and transform partner.

Cure Grace

Take a way to the sky! Fly high! Cure Grace!
Sora e no michi o motte ikou! Takaku tobu! Kyua Gurēsu!

Cure Grace (キュアグレース Kyua Gurēsu) is Selene's Cure alter ego. Her powers are related to the sky. She transformed after Cure Crescent lost her partner and activted her Magic Rupee. Her partner is Cloud.
Cure Grace is able to perform Sky Muse Healing and Cloudy Wall.


Sky Muse Healing -

Cloudy Wall -


"Pretty Cure Light Power Charge!" - Pretty Cure Light Power Charge! is the official transformation speech used by Kazaru Selene to transform into Cure Grace in Moonlight Flower Pretty Cure.




Kazaru (飾る) - Kazaru means "grace" in japanese. This is a reference to her alter ego as Cure Grace.

Selene (セレーネ) - Selene means "moon" in Greek. This was the name of a Greek goddess of the moon, sometimes identified with the goddess Artemis.




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