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The Katahowas (カタホワ Katahowa?) are the main monsters of Sky Pretty Cure. The Katahowas are the monsters that only the elite warriors of Kamon can use. The Katahowa power is a neutral power of darkness, which follows every order the user gives it. That means, a Katahowa is neither good nor evil.

The power of Katahowas are only those gained, who have reached the highest rank of the Kamonian army because only those should be able to use it. If someone without this rank gets the power, it will weaker and unstable. Also, the power needs a lot magic and could weaken the user if they don’t have enough experience.

List of Katahowa

Episode Image Summoned by Possessing Defeated by Defeated with
SkPC01 SkPC01Katahowa Hollow Rock at Nijiiro Kaigan Cure Crimson Red Burning
SkPC02 Blank A horse Cure Saffron Yellow Thunder
SkPC03 Low Amber’s sketches Cure Sienna Orange Showtime
SkPC04 Void A car Cure Crimson
Cure Saffron
Cure Sienna
Warm Explosion
SkPC05 Time Cure Cyan
Cure Crimson
Green Circle
Red Burning
SkPC07 Hollow Cure Whitney White Freeze
SkPC09 Void -- Cure Crimson
Cure Saffron
Cure Sienna
Cure Cyan
Cure Azure
Cure Whitney
Warm Explosion
Cold Explosion
SkPC10 Low -- Cure Crimson
Cure Azure
Red Burning
Blue Wave
SkPC11 Blank Diamond's sketchpad Cure Whitney White Freeze
SkPC12 Blank music player and headphones Cure Azure Blue Wave
SkPC13 Time The night Cure Crimson Red Strike
SkPC14 Break Camera Cure Crimson
Cure Saffron
Cure Sienna
Cure Cyan
Cure Azure
Warm Explosion
Green Circle
Blue Wave
SkPC16 Hollow Soccer ball Cure Sienna Orange Showtime
SkPC17 Void Rain drops Cure Crimson Red Strike
SkPC18 Break - Cure Azure Blue Wave
SkPC19 Break Speakers Cure Saffron Yellow Thunder
SkPC21 Blank Cloud Cure Azure Cure Sienna Blue Wave Orange Showtime
SkPC22 Blank -- Low --
SkPC24 Hollow Snow Cure Crimson Red Strike
SkPC25 Hollow Fairy lights Sky Pretty Cures Rainbow Heart Hurricane
SkPC27 Princess Break Fairytales/Pretty Cure -- --
SkPC28 Time Cinderella Cure Whitney Crystal Speed
SkPC29 Blank Gothel Cure Saffron Crystal Storm
SkPC30 Void Kaguya-hime Cure Azure Crystal Blizzard
SkPC32 Hollow Little Mermaid Cure Sienna Crystal Rising
SkPC34 KuroCrimsonAppears Break Akahane Ruby All except Crimson + Scarlet Rainbow Heart Hurricane
SkPC35 Catastrophe -- Cure Crimson Cure Saffron Cure Sienna Warm Explosion
SkPC35 Catastrophe -- Cure Cyan Cure Azure Cure Whitney Cold Explosion
SkPC35 Catastrophe -- All Sky Cures Rainbow Heart Hurricane
SkPC39 Blank Himself All Sky Cures Warm Explosion Cold Explosion


  • Every Katahowa has been created with a little dark ball that is called Ball of Darkness (暗闇のボール Kurayami no bōru?).
  • The Katahowa monsters made their last appearance as an antagonist in episode 39 of Sky Pretty Cure.
  • Unlike the monsters in the canon series, the name "Katahowa" has no English nor Japanese meaning.


Katahowa (カタホワ?) - The word "katahowa" is Kamonian and comes from the words Kata ( Kata in Japanese?, full word is Katasum) "first" and Howa ( Howa in Japanese?) "power".


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