Kanrakaugi Rei is one of the Cure in Sparkle! Diamond PreCure. Her alter ego is Cure Ruby.

Kanrakugi Rei
2014 - 1 (11)
Kanrakugi Rei
Personal Information
Hair Color(Rei) (Cure Ruby)
Eye Color(Rei) (Cure Ruby)
Home PlaceKongouseki Town
Alter EgoCure
Anime Information
SeasonSparkle! Diamond PreCure


Rei is the eldest of the generation but not the eldest of the full team. She is serious but somehow she is immature when round Ore. She is often scolded by him and often agree with Nanami's side. Apart from that she refused to join the team and did not appear in her civilian form until Episode 19. She is mature, (apart from being near Ore) making a role model for Michiru and is addressed " Miss Rei " (レイ さま Rei-Sama).



As Rei she has maroon hair tied into a bun (slightly like Suomi Hanila's). She wears a scarlet sleeve shirt with a brown t-shirt over it. She has denim jeans and brown sandal-like shoes.

Her second outfit is a V-neck long sleeve short red dress and brown leggings. She wears fuchsia sandal-like heels.

As Cure Ruby her hair is maroon(but more on the red side) tied into a double bun with curls. She has the red decoration across her forehead and red pearl earrings. She has a brown sailor collar red puffy dress with a maroon bow with her Cure Shiny on it. Her shoes are red heels with ribbons around her legs.

Cure Ruby

The diamond with the power of royalty, Cure Ruby!

Cure Ruby is the alter ego of Rei. Her powers are based on . Her theme colour is .

Princess Ruby

Miracle Ruby

Queen Ruby




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