Kaguya Hime
Kaguya Hime
Kaguya Hime
Personal Information
Birthday DateJuly 2
Hair ColorKaguya Hime : Blue

Cure Star : Blue

Eye ColorKaguya Hime : Blue

Cure Star : Light Blue

Home PlacePrism Kingdom
Alter EgoCure Star
Theme ColorBlue
Anime Information
First AppearanceLPC01

Kaguya Hime (かぐや姫 Kaguya Hime?) is one of main character from ღLovely Pretty Cure! ღ. She is a princess from Prism Kingdom and her alter ego is Cure Star.


She has hair and blue eyes. hair ponytail a little to the upper left.

As Cure Star, she have a short blue hair with heart clip and blue eyes.


Kaguya Hime has a shy , and friendly personality but when she transfrom into cure star her personality change to strong and confidence. She very good at dancing and singing.

Cure Star

"A Bright Light At Night Sky , Cure Star!"
"Yozora Ni Akarui Hikari, Kyua Suta!"

Cure Star (キュアスター Kyua Suta?)is Kaguya Hime's alter ego. Her powers are related to dance and healing and her theme colour is blue and white. She needs her Prism Card to transform and her transformation phrase is Pretty Cure! Lovely Charge!

Her main attack is called Stardust Shower and Stardust shower upgrade attack are Stardust Shower Perfect. Later, her 3rd attack are Golden Star Magic.


  • she is very similiar with cure princess from happiness charge precure because they both from another world, have a same theme color and they name are similiar that is Shirayuki-hime and Kaguya-hime, have a "hime" at they last name.

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