Kagayaki no Kokoro!~Eien no Hikari~(Radiating Heart!~Eternal Light~)is the opening song for the Pretty Cure All Stars and Okami Crossover: Oozora no Tomodachi!


The song starts. The blue sky appears, then it becomes the night sky. A shooting star appear, then the logo appears. The cures (in their civillian forms) walk home from school. Then some monsters appear and the cures transform. Then we see Ammy sleeping and Chibi chasing a butterfly. Issun jumps on Ammy to wake her up, and then she and Chibi attack a shadow. Then we see the two teams, face to face. Akuyami appears in the middle of them, and the sky turns black. They all jump and attack Akuyami, then a bright light shines. The cures perform their group attacks one by one, from Max Heart to Doki Doki. Then Manpuku, Kurow, Kagu, Nanami and Kuni attack in that order, followed by Issun and Waka. Ammy and Chibi draw the sun in the sky, making it bright. The cures are shown feeling a power inside them. Ammy, Chibi, and the others also do the same. Then, the Celestial Art Light are shown in Sharuru's and Issun's hands. Then all of the mascots and everyone are praying while holding them. Some light orbs appear and goes inside the hearts of the cures, the two sun gods and their friends. An explosion happens because of Akuyami's attack, but they are not affected. They are all shown in their super forms, They run towards Akuyami, then the camera zooms out. From faraway, an explosion happens, and the sky is bright once more.


Romaji English

Minna, ikuyo!' Mamori, tai no sekai! Mo~otte, eien no hi-ka-ri!

Everyone, let's go! Protect, this world! Wi~th, the eternal li-ght!

Tsu-yo-i no shoujou, ganbaru minna no tame

Ka,re,ra purikyuaa, denkiteki no otome senshi

Shi-ro-i no kegawa, soshite kurenai no saiten

Ka,re,ra Amaterasu, soshite seichaku no Chibiterasu

Str-ong beautiful maidens, working hard for everyone's sake

They are the Pretty Cures, the legendary female warriors

Pure-ly white fur, and crimson-coloured markings

They are Amaterasu, and her child Chibiterasu

Itsu, futatsu no deai, nani mune no choudai?

Seitou, kono SUTORI, mochiron!

When, the two encounter each other, what will you get?

The correct answer, this STORY, of course!

Watashitachi ganbaru minna no tame

Akiramenai yoyokagirinaku

Watashitachi no kokoro, kagayaki

Eien no Hikari

We will stand frim for everyone's sake

We will not give up for ever and ever

Our hearts, radiate

The eternal light

[Puri, puri, purikyuaa!]

[Minna, Minna, Minna Ikuyo!]

[Pretty, pretty, pretty cure!]

[Everyone, everyone, everyone let's go!]

Utsukushii no Taiyou terasu eien

Hikari no kagayaku tettoutesubi sekai

Watashitachi no kokoro, kagayaki

Eien no Hikari

The beautiful sun will shine forever

The light will shine throughout the world.

Our hearts, radiate

The eternal light

[Minna, Minna, Minna Ganbaru!]

[Chikara, chikara,chikara awasete!]

[Everyone, everyone, everyone work hard!]

[Powers, powers, put your powers altogether!

Minna, ikuyo!' Mamori, tai no sekai! Mo~otte, eien no hi-ka-ri!

Everyone, let's go! Protect, this world! Wi~th, the eternal li-ght!


This song's style is a bit of modern and traditional at the same time.

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