Kagamiwa Michiru is one of the Cure in Sparkle! Diamond PreCure. Her alter ego is Cure Tanzanite.

Kagamiwa Michiru
2014 - 1 (15)
Kagamiwa Michiru
Personal Information
Hair Color(Michiru) (Cure Tanzanite)
Eye Color(Michiru) (Cure Tanzanite)
Home PlaceKongouseki Town
Alter EgoCure
Theme Colorblue
Anime Information
SeasonSparkle! Diamond PreCure
SeasonSparkle! Diamond PreCure


Michiru is the Pretty Cure of the Team that is mainly spoilt. Unlike her sister Akari, she is quite a stubborn person. She soon learns to care for others and to fight for others sake.



As Michiru

Her second outfit is...

As Cure Tanzanite she has

Cure Tanzanite

The diamond of friendship, Cure Tanzanite!

Cure Tazanite is the alter ego of Michiru. Her powers are based on storm. Her theme colour is blue.




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