Jonetsu Suteki is one of the main characters of Sparkle! Diamond PreCure and minor characters in Happy Colours PreCure. Her alter ego is Cure Amber.

Jonetsu Suteki
ジョネツ ステキ
Jonetsu Suteki
Personal Information
Hair Color(Suteki) (Cure Amber)
Eye Color(Suteki) (Cure Amber)
Home PlaceKongouseki Town
Alter EgoCure
Theme Colororange
Anime Information
SeasonSparkle! Diamond PreCure (main) Happy Colours PreCure (minor)


Suteki is a mysterious girl that acts cold and harsh to people at first. She like to use her manners and be elegant. She refuses to join the others for a short while but then joins them . She is very passionate for sports.



As Suteki

Her second outfit is...

As Cure Amber she has

Cure Amber

The diamond with a bright light, Cure Amber!

Cure Amber is the alter ego of Suteki. Her powers are based on . Her theme colour is orange.




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