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Jinsokuna Mizu
Jinsokuna Mizu
迅速な 水
Jinsokuna Mizu
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Blue (Mizu)

Navy Blue (Marine Mirage and Ocean)

Eye ColorLight Blue (Mizu)

Navy Blue (Marine Mirage and Ocean)

Home PlaceFirst Harmony
Alter EgoCure Ocean (current)

Cure Marine Mirage (former)

Theme ColorBlue
Anime Information
First AppearanceHBPC02
"Nobody messes with me!"
―Jinsokuna Mizu, Heartbeat Pretty Cure! catchphrase

Jinsokuna Mizu (迅速な 水 Jinsokuna Mizu?) is the second Cure in Heartbeat Pretty Cure!. She shows a passion about models and hopes to be someone amazing like Kurumi Momoka. Her current Cure form is Cure Ocean (キュアオーシャン Kyua Ōshan?)




Past Life

"I want to become a fabulous model like Momo-nee, too! I want to become a beauty! A popular model!"
―Cure Marine Mirage, Heartcatch Pretty Cure!

Not much is known about Mizu's past. She used to be Cure Marine Mirage and was jealous of Momoka's success as a fashion model and wanted to be like her. Three years later, she is reborn with the identity Jinsokuna Mizu.

Meeting Coffer

Becoming Cure Ocean

Cure Ocean







  • Cure Ocean is the second Cure to represent passion, the first being Cure Rouge from Yes! Pretty Cure 5/GoGo!

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