This is a list of Jewelpet Pretty Cure! episodes created by Cure Lucky.

List of 'Episodes'

Episode # Title Villain Air Date

Sparkle and get started! The birth of the shining Cure of Courage!


02 Yay! Sapphies' magician partner is chosen! Cure Kind is ready for adventures! Zircon

03 That girl acts like she is a queen... Wait, she is one of us? Quartz


Brilliant Luck! Cure Fortune makes her first appearence!

05 Shining with all might! The Cure of Dream Fulfillment, Cure Success! Zircon

06 The appearence of the little Cure of Mischief. Etsuko transforms! Quartz


Trip to the fabulous Jewel Land! We're Magic Academy students?


08 The competition has started! New allies and new rivals! Zircon, Quartz and Amber


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