This is a list of episodes for Jewel Star Pretty Cure.

Episode # Title Attacks Villains Air Date
01 Watashi wa mahō shōjoda! ? Watashi no negai wa kanaimashita shimashita!
"I'm a magical girl!? My wish has came true!"
Fire Explosion Rara 2014-03-02
The Legendary Items from Twinkle Kingdom have suddenly disappeared and Ever, Stone and Glitter have been sent down to Takayama Town to find the Five Jewels of Light. Meanwhile, in Takayama Park, there was an attack by Rara's Kuroppoi and Akari was caught in it. She tries to run away while Ever and the two mascots distracted the Kuroppoi, but she was glued to a tree by the Kuroppoi's spit. While Akari screams for help, a red jewel appears in front of her and because a Jewel Shard and a Shiny Bracelet. The glow of the two items free Akari who grabs the two items and becomes the first Jewel of Light, Cure Ruby. She defeats the Kuroppoi with her attack Fire Explosion and tells Rara to go back home and introduces herself to Ever and the other mascots, who introduce theirselves as well.
02 Watashi wa chīmumeito o motte iru hitsuyō ga arimasu! Shikashi, doko ni aru?
"I must have teammates! But where are they?"
Fire Explosion Rara 2014-03-09
03 Nanami o anshin kudasai! Rakka shinagara, daini no purikyua ni natte kite!
"Please rest Nanami! Becoming the second Pretty Cure while falling!"
Jet Stream Rara 2014-03-16